Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with saxena removing the air from the tube of vibhu’s cycle. Vibhu sees this and then gets down from cycle. Saxena says I removed the air from the tube and laughs. Vibhu gets angry and slaps saxena and pins him to the wall, he then slaps and punches saxena and beats him a lot. he then says saxena why did you do this? Why? Saxena says brother I wanted a beating from you that is why. Vibhu says then you should have told me to beat you, why did you remove the air? I would have beaten you a lot. Saxena says I would not enjoy that beating then, that is why. Saxena says I like it and goes. Anguri comes In kitchen and says I am ready. Vibhu says yes wait, I will go and fill air in the tube. Anguri says okay, vibhu goes. Anguri says why did he ask me to get ready then?

showroom, Tiwari tika and malkhan are there and Tiwari buys the new scooter. Tika malkhan are very happy. Salesman says congrats to Tiwari. Tiwari says thanks. Tika and malkhan say tiwari brother, we don’t know how to thank you, you have done something for us that no one in this world would do. Tiwari says what do you mean? Malkhan says I mean you have done what a big brother would do. Tika says yes Tiwari brother, we love you a lot and you are a big brother to us now. Tiwari says but I don’t understand what I have done. Tika and malkhan say this is just your greatness and you have done a huge thing for us. Tiwari gets annoyed and says go away and he sits on scooter to go. Tika malkhan say he must be taking test ride. Tiwari says so okay boys, I am going. Tika says where but? Tiwari says I bought this scooter so I will go home now. Tika and malkhan say, you mean you bought this for yourself? Tiwari says obviously, now go home. Tiwari goes. Tika and malkhan get angry and sad, they cry. Tika says Tiwari is the most useless characterless man. Malkhan says he is a dog, tika says yes he will never change and he is the worst person I met. They go.
On the street, vibhu comes with his cycle and anguri is there. Vibhu says come on Bhabhi ji lets go. Anguri is about to climb when, Tiwari comes with his scooter. Tiwari says anguri where were you going with this man on his stupid cycle? Anguri says I had not had a ride on a cycle for years so I thought I would sit and have fun. Tiwari says, just leave his stupid cycle and come behind me, see I bought a new scooter. Lets enjoy a ride on my scooter. Anguri gets on and goes. Vibhu is very angry and says this Tiwari is acting smart after buying a scooter, I will show him now. Saxena from behind again removes the air from tube. Vibhu gets down and starts beating saxena brutally. Saxena says I like it and enjoys the beating. Anita comes and is holding a saline bottle to her hand, she says you keep doing this stupid things like jobless and street people, you did not come to grooming classes and look at me now. Anita goes home angrily saying its no use of your cycle and you. vibhu is angry.
At night at tea stall, tika and malkhan are drinking and eating, both are sad. Tika says this Tiwari is really characterless, malkhan says yes, he is so selfish and greedy, I thought he was helping us. Tika says I will not leave this tiwari, he has to be taught a lesson. Malkhan says yes. Suddenly a man comes and sits, he drinks alcohol from malkhan’s glass and eats the peanuts. Man says that police will never be able to catch me. He runs away. Happu comes running and sits. Happu says that thief is really smart and I will beat him once he gets to my hand. How much he is making me run. Malkhan says its goo, because the fat stomach that you have filled with bribed money, will start burning the calories at least. Happu says just shut up you, its very hot and I am annoyed now. Malkhan and tika say okay and then sing song daroga jee ne banaya bhutnike and go. Happu is confused.
At home in bedroom, anguri is speaking to mom and tells Tiwari bought a scooter and looks very beautiful, they both will ride when she comes here. Anguri keeps the phone. Tiwari comes and says you cannot keep anything from mom right? Anguri says why? Tiwari says mom starts acting like a child and once there was a horse in our town, mom sat on it excitedly, the horse ran for a few minutes but later collapsed and died. Nothing happened to mom. Do you think our scooter will be able to handle her weight? Anguri says oh my god, no! anguri say don’t worry if she comes, you hide the scooter. We both will ride everyday on it. Tiwari says I did not buy it for you. anguri says whom did you buy it for then? Tiwari then dreams, anita is standing outside her house and feeling hot waiting for a rickshaw. Tiwari comes with scooter and says I bought a new scooter, anita says that is very nice Tiwari., vibhu did not come with the auto yet and like that I will become tanned. Tiwari says don’t worry if there is no auto we both will go on my scooter and you wont get tan. Anita says how? Tiwari promotes a beauty product of company harvest. Anita says I will use it. anita then gets on scooter and Tiwari rides it, he sings song zindagi ek safar hai suhana, he and anita enjoy on the scooter. Tiwari comes back from dream and says I bought it for me.
At home in balcony, vibhu talks to prem and says that Tiwari bought a scooter. I don’t believe this, but I swear I will ride Bhabhi ji on my scooter at all costs. Anita listens and says which Bhabhi ji? Vibhu keeps the phone and says prem challenged me to 10k rs if I rode you on the cycle in all of Kanpur, so I said I will do it. Anita says you start getting tired after coming from grooming classes and what will you drive me throughout Kanpur? Vibhu says see, I will. They both sit on the bed, anita says for whom did you buy the cycle? Vibhu says slowly Bhabhi ji. Then he says for you. anita says yes then listen, I have a plan. Vibhu says yeah say. Anita says you drop me everyday to grooming classes and you will wait there until I finish. Vibhu says in the heat? Anita says yes, but sleep on the cycle, anyway you are a lazy person, so rest there, after I am finished with my classes, we both will go from there and before coming eat something and enjoy. Vibhu gives a sarcastic smile and says wow that is really nice, you are a genius. Anita says thank you. vibhu says I have not yet been able to understand you. anita giggles and blushes, vibhu says when I understand you completely, one day I will write a book on you. anita blushes and giggles and says what will the title be? Vibhu says, Torturous Woman. Anita looks at him angrily.

Precap: Tiwari says anguri you will not go with vibhu on his dirty cycle. Vibhu is there. Anguri says I have to buy vegetables as there are no vegetables at home and how will I go in so much heat? Let me go. Vibhu is riding the cycle and anguir is behind him. Vibhu enjoys as anguri blushes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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