Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu going in morning and anguri is singing in frontyard. Vibhu says he has brought jalebis for her as she loves it and they are waiting to be eaten by her. Anguri says she cant eat as mom said she should not eat jalebis from anyone else hand. Vibhu says why i am your neighbour. Anguri says i dont know any of that? She goes. Vibhu goes and tells anita that i have brought jalebis.
Tiwari is waiting at the gate. He says that he will jog with anita today. Anita comes out. Tiwari says yes she has come. Anita comes out. Tiwari says lets jog together. Anita says no need because she jogs faster than him. She goes. Tiwari says never mind and goes.
At home vibhu is watching news. It says that there is a baba who can remove all problems and he can also give them love

from some one whom they are loving one sided. Tiwari who comes there also hears this and tells anguri is having a headache. Vibhu says give hr a tablet and let her rest. Tiwari says i will manage. He goes.
There at the babas house. Vibhu goes wearing a hat to cover himself. He sees pelu. He tells what are you doing here? Pelu says he came in matter of his marriage. Pelu asks why you came? Vibhu says for job problem. Pelu tells he knows he is lying. Vibhu says shut up. Tiwari comes covering his face and sits beside. Vibhu and tiwari look at each other. Tiwari removes vibhus hat and vibhu removes tiwaris covered face and they look at each other. Vibhu tells tiwari he came for job problem after being asked by tiwari. Tiwari says he came for his shop problem. Pelu says you both are lying. They tell pelu to go and kick him. Vibhu is called. He goes in. Baba looks at him and says it must be a woman problem and you must be looking at her daily but you cant get her. Vibhu says yes and then baba tells give me 5000rs. Vibhu gives. Baba gives him a stone and tells that hit her husband with this stone. Vibhu says okay and goes. Then baba tells his assistant that call the next monkey as anyways they are fraud. Tiwari comes. Baba says the same for tiwari and tells take this stone and hit her husband with it. Tiwari says okay and goes.
At home vibhu is in the balcony and says that he will hit that tiwari with this stone and will get anguris love. Anita comes and says talk with me too and are you bored from me? Vibhu says no not at all. Anita throws him on the bed. There tiwari has a stone and he says he will hit vibhu in his ass and get anitas loves. Anguri comes and acts romantically. Tiwari says what happened to you? Anguri tells she drank moms given kada and so became romantic.

Precap: tiwari and anguri are romancing on a song and anita and vibhu too. Vibhu throws stone on tiwaris head who is drinking water.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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