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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari listening that anita likes old men. He hoes home and colours the side hairs white. Anguri comes and tells her dad was worried today. Tiwari says he gives tension to other people and he himself never worries. Anguri sees the white hair on tiwaris head and screams and says what is this? Tiwari says that it is white hair and someday everyone gets so he he too got it now. Anguri says but you are still young, tiwari says oh please and everyone will get white hair so he got. Tiwari goes. Anguri calls dad and asks what was it that worried him. Dad tells that he was sitting with uncle today and he got to know that he is 25 yrs older than my sister and and as he was drinking juice his teeth feel into the glass. Anguri says what and

when you were there to see him for your sisters marriage then didnt you notice he is so old? Dad says no i did not know then but he is old. He tells that you check for tiwaris teeth too and if he is a fraud old man then what do we do? Anguri says okay she will check today.
In the kitchen anguri thinks that how do i check if tiwari is young or old and he already has some white hair. Vibhu comes and asks how is she tensed today? Anguri tells him about testing tiwari and how do i test him. Vibhu takes a sugarcane and shows anguri that his teeth are real and strong as he chewed it. Anguri is impressed. vibhu tells give tiwari this to chew and see if his teeth are weak and then you will know he is old. Anguri says okay.
At night tiwari comes home and is in room. His jaws are paining and says i shoukdnt have eaten ice cream and its hurting now. Anguri comes up. She tells tiwari to chew sugarcane. Tiwari says why? Anguri says he has to and eat it now. Tiwari thinks if i tell her i have jaw pain then she will spread it everywhere and he tells her its not his mood now to eat so he doesnt want it. Anguri thinks okay he doesnt have his mood so i can atleast give him something else. Anguri sits beside tiwari and tells him eat walnut now. Tiwari says what? Anguri says take it now. Tiwari thinks she will not listen and he has to eat it. Tiwari takes walnut in his mouth and a cracked sound is heard. Anguri says yes the walnut cracked and dances. Tiwari says not the walnut but my teeth broke. Anguri is sad and goes crying down.
Next day tiwari wears a shawl and most of his hair is white and he comes in the frontyard singing an old song and takes tea and newspaper. Anita is surprised to see tiwari this way and she comes there. She asks tiwari how is he looking so old? Tiwari says he is actually old and his age is 60. Anita says wow and but he was young till yesterday. Tiwari says yes but the blanket of youth had covered him so he looked young but he is mature and old. Anita says you speak in a mature way. Tiwari says she seems to like old people. Anita says yes she had a crush on old people since childhood. Tiwari says okay then we will jog togethere from today. Anita says no he is 60 yr old and how can he jog and instead they both can have a night walk. Tiwari says yes sure. Anita goes. Tiwari jumps with excitement and says yes i will go with her for a walk every night.
At tea stall happu singh is there and tika comes. Happu says why dod u roam here and there? Tima says then adopt me and i will not roam. Happu says get lost. Tiwari comes. Tika tells tiwari that why dont you adopt me? Tiwari tells that has a mad dog bit me that i will adopt you. Tika says okay then he will bring a mad dog and make him bite you then you can adopt? Tiwari tells him to get lost. Tika goes. Tiwari tells happu singh that he wants a fake certificate. Happu singh says what? Tiwari tells yes and he wants his age to be 60 yr old in that certificate. Happu singh says okay and tells he will get it but he wabts money. Tiwari says okay he will give 500rs. Happu says no he will not take less than 2k rs and he will give certificate in 2 hrs. Tiwari says okay.

Precap: at home tiwaris certificate comes and anguri tells vibhu to read it. Vibhu reads it and says that tiwari is in reality of age 60. Anguri screams what?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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