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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,vibhuti gives a special ladies tip to anguri and she says wat and vibhuti says tat this is the current trend and then the vegetable seller says to vibhuti tat don’t u feel a change in u and vibhuti no and u pls give baingan to anguri and she says no I want bhindi tiwari likes bhindi and vibhuti says tat this is the problem with u ladies u should do opposite of wat ur husband likes and anguri agrees and takes 1kg of baingan and then the vegetable seller asks vibhuti to give one tip to him also and vibhuti calls him and slaps and leaves.
Anita looks tensed due to vibhutis behavior and then comes in tiwari in deepu mastanas get up tries to impress anita but she catches him and says u leave or I will hit u and then tiwari says tat he was just trying to change ur

mood as vibhuti has turned like a lady and he leaves anguri is sitting in garden and vibhuti comes wearing a ladies chunri and even he also starts singing song and anguri then tells vibhuti tat she changed the lipstick and bindi and tiwari praised her even he liked the baingan vegetable she prepared today and then vibhuti says tats wat she said would change her life and anguri says thanx and saxens sees vibhuti and says tat he reminds of his childhood friend katili and anguri says tat u have become a good friend of mine and saxena asks vibhuti to again says ouch and then vibhuti gets angry gets up and slaps saxena and leaves
Vibhuti is seen siting on terrace applying nail color to his nails and there comes yadav boys and start teasing vibhuti and play song on tape recorder and vibhuti also replies to them and comes anita and she shouts at the yadav boys to leave and after her shout they leave and anita warns vibhuti to stop this acting and become normal and vibhuti says u r such a mean lady u make me work so much and now u talk to me like this and anita just asks him to stop this acting and vibhuti in his manly voice says let me live and u also love ur life and anita gets hapy tat vibhuti is back but vibhuti again gets back to the lady style and anita gets irritated and vibhuti leaves
Anita calls doctor home and asks him wat is wrong with vibhuti y is he behaving like a lady and doctor says I know he must have uptill started applying lipstick and anita asks how u know and he says actually my nurse bymistakenly gave a lady hormone injection to vibhuti and so he is behaving like this and anita gets angry with doctor but doctor says tat actually when u called now I was doing an operation removing mobile from a mans stomach and anita asks the man ate mobile and doctor corrects her tat last time he was doing an hernia operation he left the mobile inside so he removed it now and anita says wat kind of doctor u r and the doctor says tat he has given an reverse injection and he will get fine soon and anita asks when doctor says may be a week ,months or years anita asks doctor wat should she do and doctor says tat accept vibhuti as he is now and ur problem will be solved
Anita sees tat vibhuti is sitting with anguri and learning to weave a sweater and anita looks at him and says tat I love my vibhuti and I will accept him as he is now and then anita is seen sitting in tension in hall and comes tiwari and says tat I can understand ur pain and anita asks wat r u talking pls tell and he says tat I know u r tensed due to vibhuti and his behavior I would suggest u to leave him and anita gets angry listening to this and says tat she has married to vibhuti and will not leave him and gets angry on tiwari and asks him to stop suggest such stupid ideas later anguri give tea to tiwari at her place and anguri asks y r u so tensed and tiwari tells tat anita has decided not to leave vibhuti even how he is behaving and anguri then says tat she did right actually he has become a good friend of mine and tiwari says tat u don’t understand to whom to be friendly u should be and comes in anita and says tat actually she made a mistake not accepting vibhuti the way he is .
Anguri and anita says tat we have accepted vibhuti as their friend and then tiwari says tat if u have accepted him like tat then u give him a name and anguri and anita then mutually decide and keep vibhuti s name as sridevi and they decide to go for shopping for her and tiwari says please bring a shaving kit also and both give tiwari a look and anguri says he must already having tat and tiwari keeps quiet later anguri and anita come home from shopping and anita calls vibhuti to see the things they have brought and then anguri says tat we should call sri devi and they call by that name and tiwari says may be ur sridevi has gone to meet jeetendra and anita asks tiwari to be quiet or leave and tiwari keeps quiet and there comes vibhuti in a different manly get up and anguri anita look at him surprised.

Vibhuti is looking at a pic in mobile and says tat u r very attractive and anita sees it and asks about whom u r talking and vibhuti says u and anita takes mobile and sees the pic and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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