Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna in Kanpur.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori on call with Bhori says Tiwari never takes me to Singapore,Vibhu walks in and says i can’t take this injustice happening to you, Angoori asks and who is doing that to me, Vibhu says Tiwar,just tell him you want to go Singapore or eesle you will end the martiage,Tiwari walk to them and says how dare you create difference between me and my wife, Angoori says no he is not,he is right infact, Tiwari says what nonsense is this,you supporting him, Angoori says Amaji says these things too but you never insult her,Vibhu says well said,Tiwari insults and kicks him out of house.

Boys come home and says sir i need 2000 cut from salary, Tiwari hits them and throws them out.Angoori calls Amaji and starts crying and explains the situation.Amaji says do a thing just straightaway come

to me .Hapu asks so tell me the name of lost person, and how she looks,Tiwari says my wife Angoori havent you seen her,Vibhu says everyday you have eateb parathas she cooked,Hapu says no i haven’t seen her now please tell me,Vibhu gives a romantic poetic description of Angooris appearance,Tiwari in confusion,Tiwari asks what is this,Vibhu says ye didnt say anything so i did,cmon speak up Tiwari.

Hapu says stop it you two and Tiwari send me pics,Vibhu says i just did sent you 5 pics ,Tiwari asks how do you have pics, Vibhu says Anu and Angoori were clicking selfies so i do have,Vibhu says im so worried for bhabhiji come kets have drinks.

Tiwari and Vibhu having drink in restuarant,Vibhu says you are responsible for this.They see Angoori with Chopra and expressing Love towards eachother.Tiwari and Vibhu shocked, Chopra says my idea worked you are free from your husband now,and now will take you far away from your husband,Angoorj says oh he is a bastard i tell you,he will not leave my back so soon and theres also one more man and he is my neighbour.Tiwari and Vibhu are angry.Chopra says dont worry will finish both of them,lets do a thing we will finish one and accuse other for it,Angoori says Chopra I Love You, Chopra says i want them to have a cruel death,Angoori says kill my neighbour and then accuse husband.

Tiwari and Vibhu walk to Angoori in anger, Chopra says who you two are and why are interrupting our shoots,Angoori says you are misunderstanding,im just filling for an actress,Vibhu says we are guilty please come with us and let you serve you and apologize,please come for dinner.Angoori says please Kirshna(chopra),Krishna says sure i will.

Krishna at Tiwari house for dinner,they welcome Krishna,Vibhu says the house ahead is mine Krishna says bhabhiji said you are jobless but uour house looks quite big,Tiwari says all thanks to bhabhiji,Krishna says i bunped into a weird police man on my way and he told me you have a beautiful wife,and very fair too,Angoori says right,Vibhu says thats sure hapu,Tiwari says she is so fair you won’t need tube light,Krishna says my tube light isnt working,anyways please invite her,Anu walks in veil.

Angoori says why are you wearing veil just take it off,Krishna says yes please i have heard you are very beautiful,Vibhu says cmon baby,Anu says sure,Krishna says she is Nazia my films heroine named “Yeh teri bhabhi hai pagle” ,Krishna says you are here Nazia and shoot is waiting for you.

Nazia says oh hello he is my husband,Krishna says twins,Tilu walk in and says anita bhabhi here are lemons you asked for ok Anita bhabhi, Krishna says i got it she is Anita enough,and sir i need off on 13 July to go watch film. Krishna says ok all see you madam,all laugh and Nazia says i am Nazia,it was all a act, Krishna says really i ddidnt understand at all,everyone dances and have fun.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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