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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,anguri says even I have done all wrong and anita says tat we have to find them soon and then anguri asks sweety to stay here until they come back and they go find vibhuti and tiwari while vibhuti and tiwari are sleeping near a tea stall and tiwari is snoring and passer by are seeing them while anguri and anita comes ona rickshaw with pela and vibhuti and tiwari wakes up and anita says I m really sorry and anguri says sorry tiwari as it was a miss understanding I thought u r having an affair and tiwari says u could have asked me it all messed up everyone in this matter and then anita also says tat sorry vibhuti pls come home and vibhuti says tat I have had enough now I cant handle here after and then anguri also says sorry to tiwari and he too says no I will not forgive

u and vibhuti shouts at tiwari tat bhabhiji is saying sorry pls forgive her and tiwari also shouts at him y don’t u forgive anita bhabhi and then vibhuti says tat first u forgive her and then I will and tiwari forgives anguri and then even vibhuti also forgive anita and then all sit in one rickshaw and pela drops them at their home and sweety agarwal comes out and says I love u to tiwari and he says I love u to sweety and everyone laughs
Anita is seeing something on laptop and laughing and tiwari comes while anita sees him and asks him to come in and tiwari then asks wat were u seeing and laughing and anita says tat I was seeing a play of vibhuti from college days and tiwari says tat is he really tat good I don’t think so and anita gets angry at this she says tat he is a very fine actor and this is y I have choosed him and wat do u know about acting u didn’t even know the A of acting anyways pls sit I will bring tea for u and she goes in and tiwari then says anita bhabhi I will prove to u tat how best I am in acting.
Anguri is seen doing house hold work and vibhuti comes in and she is singing a song and when she mentions tiwaris name in tat and then vibhuti says tat y do u love ur husband so much tat u say his name everyday no body does in this century and anguri says I don’t know about others but I will love him in this way and goes in to bring him tea and vibhuti says tat how does a innocent women like her has husband like tiwari and he leaves
At tea stall malkhan is talking to his girlfriend sunita and asking her to tell him final about the marriage and warns her tat if u say no I will pick u up and marry and hungs up saxenaa is sitting there and he tells malkhan tat u should not behave like this u will suffer some day and then he says tat I m doing a play called ‘jalim pati’ i.e. a bad husband and then there comes tiwari and asks saxena how is he and he says good and then he sees the file and asks wats this and saxena tells tat this the script of my new play ‘jalim pati’ and then an idea clicks in his mind and he asks saxena to give this script to him buthe refuses and then tiwari says tat anguri bhabhi wants it and saxena gives it happily and says tat u can keep it with u and tiwari then takes it home
He then goes home and sees tat anguri is upset and asks wat happen and she tells tat I m tensed tat from many day my father has not contacted me and tiwari says tat may be he didn’t contacted coz he hates me and anguri says he hates u coz u do business of undergarments he hates u so much tat he has stopped wearing undergarments and tiwari says tat if I started a business of kurta and payjama will he stop wearing tat too and then anguri says he is angry with u not with me then y don’t he contact and then tiwari says I have something to tell u once u asked me tat y don’t u do acting and she says yes I remember and tiwari tells her tat he decided to start practicing acting to become an actor and anguri gets very happy listening to this and says tat when my father will knew tat u r a junior artist in a film he will forget the anger and tiwari says junior artist? And anguri says he will be happy to see u on the screen tats enough and then tiwari says I will become an hero and he then asks anguri to support him in it he has brought a script and anguri asks wats the name of the play and tiwari tells it ‘jalim pati’ and anguri says tat this is not agood play script and tiwari says we have to only rehearse and anguri agrees.
At night anita enters bedroom and sees vibhuti reading a novel and asks wat r u reading he says a novel where a husband kills his wife and then anita asks will u do this to me and vibhuti says how can I do it u r my tigress and anita says oh am I really and they hear sounds of fighting and both go in gallery and hear tat tiwari is abusing anguri warning her to hit her where actually anguri and tiwari are enjoying rehearsing there dialoges from the script and vibhuti and anita come in balcony to see wats happening but they can only hear voice and tiwari is saying tat if u don’t hear me I will hit u and anguri shouts in pain
Vibhuti says to anita tat how can tiwari hit anguri I will not leave him I will hit him and anita says tat u cant do this vibhuti u cannot enter anybodys room like this see now there fights have stop we will talk about this calmly in morning and they go in their bedroom and then tiwari is asking anguri u really act very well and asks from where did u learn it and she says tat she used to see sridevi’s movies she learnt from that and then tiwaris says tat now I will show them tat even I m a good actor and anguri says to whom and tiwari says to the world and then he says thank you anguri for ur support and says I love you and anguri starts laughing loudly and goes in a loop while vibhuti hears her laughing sound and says wat kind of man is tiwari first he hit anguri and now he is making her laugh and then anguri their says to tiwari tat she will support him in his this acting task .

Anguri shouts and jumps out of bed and runs while tiwari follows her with a broom in his hand and anita and vibhuti see from their balcony and they think tat tiwari is hitting anguri.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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