Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Phulwa Devi watch Vibhuti and Tiwari on TV show.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saxena begins hypnotism technique on Vibhu and Tiwari,Vibhu and Tiwari follow his instructions,Saxena says now you are in your last life,now tell a what you guys see,Vibhu says farms,poor roads,Saxena asks what place is it,Tiwari says no idea,Saxena says ask someone near by,Tiwari says excuse me which place is this,Vibhu says aunty which is this place,Anguri asks what happened,Vibhu says weird people,she kissed me and left,Anu says what nonsense is this,Tiwari says I saw mile stone it reads Pisu nagar.

A lady shouts Karan Arjun come have food,Vibhu and Tiwari rush to her calling ma,and say we got you bangles,she says don’t fight I will wear them,Saxena says who you see,Vibhu says I’m Karan,Tiwari says I’m Arjun,and we see our mother,Vibhu and Tiwari working in farms

with their ma and singing song,Vibhu and twoari call each other Karan Arjun and hug,and kiss each others hand,And then cheeks forehead,Anu and Anguri confused and surprised,Anu says stop them get them back,Saxena says get back,

Anu says Vibhu what nonsense is this,Vibhu says baby he is my brother Arjun,Tiwari says yes he is Karan and our ma is waiting since 35 years,we were killed,Vibhu says she is waiting for her,in pisunagar,Anguri says I never heard of this place,Anu says me neither,Vibhu and Tiwari hug each other calling Karan Arjun.

Anguri singing song in kitchen,Vibhu says bhabhiji as I remember in past,I was working in stable,and you were a rich mans daughter and you use to come to me to learn horse and you looked so hot,Anguri says really,Vibhu says and you fell in love with me,Anguri says you and what was Tiwari doing,Vibhu says cleaning shit,why do you always have to bring him listen to me story,and you use to says like 100 times I love you to me,and till date I have those words in my ears,Anguri asks and Tiwari,Vibhu says I told you he use to clean shit,Anguri says other than that, Vibhu says horse shit a lot,and so he use to do that all day,he looked so cute,Anguri says tell me more about Tiwari.

Vibhu says for that I have to go in past life and I need your help you need to say I love you,Anguri says I won’t,Vibhu says if you want the past incidents you have to,Anguri says ok I love you,Vibhu enjoys it and says I can’t,you have to keep staring,Anguri says ok and keeps saying,Vibhu says I love you too,Anguri asks what,Vibhu says I remember some past incident,Tiwari robbed money from mom and went to bar,and mom once caught him red handed and whacked him bad and leaves laughing.

Tiwari walks to Anita.anita says so shall I call you Tiwari or Arjun,Tiwari says anything but I prefer Arjun because you called me that in past life,Anu says why though,Tiwari says you were my beloved wife,we fell in love in farms,you were thakur Durban Singhs daughter and you were very naughty,you use to scare me,you use to tease me,Anu asks why,Tiwari says because you were jolly and naughty,Nita says I asked why are you here,Tiwari says just refreshing past life,Anu says I’m not interested,I don’t believe,Tiwari says Vibhuti was my brother,Anu says may be but I don’t believe I was your wife,Tiwari says it can be, may be that was destiny,Anu says now your destiny is door.

Tilu malkhan come injured to Happu and tell him,minsters son did this to them,Gulfamkali comes crying and says that boy keeps troubling me, these two are useless,Happu asks what did he do,Gulfamkali says he came to my bar hit my guests and pulled me close I’m so scared,Happu says don’t worry I shall handle.

In news channel,Vibhu and Tiwari with Saxena,reporter says we have an real story of past life,Saxena is psychologist and gained his degree from London, so Vibhuti tell us,Vibhu says I always dreamt since I was kid that my brother is hit and I would shout run Arjun,Tiwari starts running,Vibhu says stop,Tiwari says sorry, reporter says Tiwari tell us your side,Tiwari says yes same,farms mother and would wake up shouting run Karan,Vibhu starts running,Tiwari says come back.

Reporter says may be it’s just a dream,Saxena says that’s not possible two people can have same dreams,and if they do,it’s past connection,reporter says so share more details,Vibhu says we are brothers and kiss each other’s hand,Tiwari says our mother raised us in pisunagar,reporter says your father,Vibhu says Thakur killed him,reporter asks why,Vibhu says ask Thakur why us,reporter says Saxena how will you prove, Saxena starts hitting Tiwari,Vibhu hits saxena and shouts run Arjun,Saxena says relax it’s a demo,Saxena hits Vibhu,Tiwari shouts run Karan, Vibhu runs away,Saxena says oh he ran far.

Phulwa Devi watching the show says Jagga see I told you,my Karan Arjun will return.

Pre cap : Jagga meets Anguri and Anu says Phulwa Devi is well known landlord from pisunagar.
Vibhu and Tiwari hug Phulwa Devi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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