Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri singing song dekha hai pehli baar and she is watering plants. Vibhu comes and says how are you anguri? Anguri says fine. Vibhu says why don’t you sing songs for me? Anguri says what? Vibhu says nothing I said even I do a lot for anita like you do for anguri. Anguri says is that so? What do you do? Vibhu says I press anitas legs and head and wash utensils and clothes and do a lot of work. Tiwari comes and says shut up and you are useless and not even worth doing that work. Vibhu says oh you shut up your worth is just selling undergarments, Tiwari and vibhu start abusing each other, anita comes and says what is this happening and you both are so arrogant. Tiwari says yeah see that vibhu is so arrogant. Anita says shut up Tiwari you are too. Anita tells Tiwari

go in, he goes. Anita tells vibhu go in. vibhu says I have done work. Anita says go in now. Vibhu goes. Anita says anguri theyt have become arrogant. Anguri says yes I know. Tiwari and vibhu come again and call each other jobless and useless and tease each other. Anguri and anita are fed up. They say they will become like tika and malkhan if they don’t do anything soon.
At tea stall, tika malkhan is there and they are talking about girls. Masterji comes and says don’t you have sanskaar? Tika says what is this sanskaar and laughs. Anita and anguri are watching all this. Masterji says don’t you have manners and you are teasing a teacher. Tika malkhan say sorry you only have all the sanskaar and what will you do? You will hit us with your sanskaar? Tika malkhan laugh. Anita gets angry and tells anguri see how arrogant they are, both go there. Anita and anguri scold tika and malkhan and say what is this tika and malkhan? And he is a teacher and you are so manner less. Tika and malkhan don’t say anything, anita says get lost from here. They go both singing. Anita says see how rude they are. ,masterji says in fact everyone have become arrogant in the town. Happu singh comes talking on phone and says shut up you dog and your wife must have ran because there is something wrong in you and see I have 9 kids and a pregnant wife and I am so happy and you keep the phone now b*t*h. Happu keeps phone and comes to tea stall, he says hello anita angrui. Anita says what was this happu? And a man wants help from you but you instead abuse him and how will the common man ask help from you? Happu says oh yeah right sorry and I have to go, happu runs away. Anita says we have to do something and this modern colony has become too arrogant.
At commissioners officer, commissioner scolds a constable and tells don’t be so arrogant next time. Constable goes. Anita and anguri come and say everyone in modern colony has become arrogant and not only him. Commissioner says what? Anita says yes and we have to do something. Commissioner says don’t worry I will do something.
At night anita is watching tv and puts news. Vibhu comes speaking on phone that shut up you are a cur and the most useless man I have seen in my entire life. Tiwari there tells you are a jobless and characterless. Vibhu says oh shut up and you are a cheap b*t*h. Tiwari says when all jobless people must have died, you were born, vibhu says when all characterless people died you were born and he keeps phone. Tiwari keeps phone. Anita says what is this vibhu and you are being so arrogant and there are no limits to it. vibhu laughs and says yes I am proud to be arrogant and when I was born I spat on a nurse and she said to my mom that an insolent is born. There Tiwari tells same to anguri on being apprehended and says I am the biggest arrogant man in this colony. On news reporter says shut up boht of you and now listen, vibhu says look at you, you look like a crocodile. Anita says why are you teasing him and just listen to the news. Reporter says after a survey conducted it has been proved that the people of modern colony are the most arrogant people and mostly men and our local politician has decided that there will be eyes in this town and the person who acts the most civilized the entire week will get a reward of 5lakh rupees. Vibhu and Tiwari are shocked.
Next day at tea stall, happu says on phone that no sir why would I take bribe from you and I am sorry but I will do anything as its my duty, happu keeps phone. Tika and malkhan say suddenly the sun rose from west? Happu says its okay child you wont understand and you have to be civilized son. Tika and malkhan say what is this civilized? Happu says son it means respecting your elders. Tika says respect? What is that? Happu removes shoes and cleans and wears again but controls anger and says repect means not speaking arrogantly to someone and being decent. A girl comes and smashes cake in happu singhs face and goes. Tika says so what was this? A Civilized attitude or an arrogant attitude? Happu licks the cake.
Anguri is cooking in kitchen and vibhu comes and says hello mam and says Namaste. Anguri says hello. Vibhu says the food looks delicious. Tiwari comes and says oh hello and come at our house for lunch. Vibhu says oh no sir and its okay and how can I come at your house as you are so great and I am like servant. Tiwari says oh no I am like the dirt of your feet, vibhu says not at all and I am like the sole of your shoes. Tiwari says okay. Vibhu looks at him and says anyway sir you must have work and I will go. Tiwari says no I am going and let me go. Vibhu says oh no please wait for some time. Tiwari bows down and says no let me go. Vibhu bows down and says no wait please wait don’t go so early. Tiwari says no no I am going and bows so down that he goes behind kitchen platform. Vibhu looks up and says sir you went? Tiwari gets up and says no I am going. Vibhu says anyway I will go and he goes. Tiwari says to anguri devi I am going for work. Angrui is surprised from this civilized behavior of Tiwari and vibhu.

Precap: at home vibhu and Tiwari are there and vibhu tells anita that my lady guest has come and please bring breakfast and tea. Anita says yes I will bring, she walks and falls down and gets hurt on ankle. Anita says vibhu pick me up I am hurt. Vibhu says no I cant touch ladies like that and Tiwari ji please pick my wife for me and help her. Tiwari says no she is your wife sir and how can i? anita is shocked from this civilized manner.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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