Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Bomb on Kanpur express

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tilu and malkhan at tea stall,tilu says give me a tar to get off the hangover,malkhan says it’s all because of your last nights scene,Vibhu walks to them and says guys I know you drink but keep it in control,malkhan says happu took many items and your friend stole one bottle,prem joins them and says the alcohol was cheap as Tiwari.

Tiwari walks to Vibhu and says pay half 35000 as share of tikkas function,Vibhu says why will I,you are a fool,Tiwari says bhabhiji told me too,and she said you will pay a share,Vibhu says from where,prem says yes from where will he did you forget he is jobless,Tiwari says sell yourself or do anything,Vibhu says excuse me why will I sale myself,malkhan says for an instance he may but who will buy him,he is so skinny,Vibhu slaps them a man comes to them


Vibhu says god he is shot on his hand,he says forget it first go save the passengers on Kanpur express a bomb is planted in it,Vibhu says god anu and bhabhiji are in it,Vibhu tries calling happu but his phone isn’t reachable,malkhan says there’s no network at gulfamkalis bar,Vibhu says shut up do a think Tilu and malkhan go get happu and prem please take this guy to hospital.

Vibhu and Tiwari reach station and see train just left platform,Vibhu says it’s all your fault slow like a tortoise.TC hears them and stops them,Vibhu says how shall we help,TC says show me ticket,Vibhu says we aren’t traveling anywhere leave us,Tiwari says see it’s like we have information that Kanpur express passengers are in danger there’s a bomb we need to save and my wife and bhabhiji are in it,TC takes them to office.

TIwari says please trust us,we have this information from intelligence officer,TC asks who are you,and look enough of your nonsense I meet fraud people like you everyday now pay fine or else you will be jailed,Vibhu says Tiwari pay,and both leave.

Anu says I’m having fun,after so long I’m out on a journey,anguri says same here,anu says I’m going to Allahabad sangam first time,anguri says i had been there when I was 5 for my mundan,anu says wow,anguri says look I have aloo puri for us.

Tiwari and Vibhu reach next station,the train has left.the TC stops them again and asks for ticket,Tiwari informs about the situation ,TC starts laughing and says even my wife is on it and now enough of this joke now in my office,Vibhu says please not just Our wives even passengers are in danger and we swear on you,TC says I got to do nothing just pay my fine,Tiwari pays fine.

Tikka joins anu and anguri,anguri says here’s aloo puri,tikka says bhabhiji I met Asha in train and will have aloo puri with her and leaves,anu says my soo puri.vibhu and Tiwari jump on the train.tiwari scared starts crying,Vibhu says are you and stop crying.

Vibhu and Tiwari get near the window,Anu and anguri get scared and asks what are you doing here,oh I guess they are missing us so,Vibhu says is not the time to get romantic,Tiwari says yes pull the chain,anguri says how can I you are out there,Vibhu says god pull the trains chain,anu asks why but,Vibhu says because there’s bomb,anu pulls but the chain is broken,anu says first you two get in.

Vibhu says ladies you go in we will try separate the boggy,anu says no we won’t,Vibhu says okay let me give it a try.

Vibhu says I can’t do it,Tiwari says he can never do anything let me try,Vibhuti hold me tight,and tries to separate the boggy,Tiwari ms pants come in their hands,Vibhu pulls Tiwari up,anguri asks are you fine,Tiwari says fine and fit,anguri says but your pants are out,Vibhu says stop now don’t react let’s get rid with this bomb,Vibhu tries again,people from other compartment start yelling.

Pre cap :Vibhuti and Tiwari are being felicitated.vibhu singing song,a famous singer hears him and offers an album.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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