Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu and anita telling tika and tilu that don’t fight. Tika says this time he will not let malkhan escape his beating. Vibhu says you will beat malkhan? And malkhan is such a good friend of yours and now suddenly now you will beat him? Tika says yes I will beat him. Vibhu says why? He is your friend and he got a job offer to dubai but did he go? No. he said I cant leave my friend tika, and see his love for you.
There malkhan says I will not leave tika and beat him today. Tiwari says oh shut up and tika is your best friend and how can you do this? Why are you beating him? Over this stupid fight? Anguri says tika did not marry 2 girls because he said you will be left alone and you want to beat him? Malkhan says do 1 thing and give me that girl’s number and

I will marry her. Tiwari and anguri are fed up and Tiwari asks what is your problem saxena? Saxena says I don’t have any problem and I am not in any gang but I am here just to get beating from all of them. Saxena says I like it.
There anguri and anita sit at a new tea stall and not in the colony so that both the gangs don’t fight. Anita and anguri are in burkha and anita says what to do about these tika and malkhan and prem, saxena and tilu too? They all are fighting. Anguri says they had no reason to fight and they all are fighting over us and supporting our sides but we were just acting. Anita says yes, even vibhu and Tiwari got beaten again. Anita and anguri put burkha back as Tiwari and vibhu come in burkha and sit. Tiwari tells vibhu what to do? And even this time we got beaten. Vibhu says yes I am fed up of these boys and why are they even fighting? Vibhu says I think our wives are just acting in front of us and actually they must have put these boys to beat us. Anguri then says from burkha not we did not do it. Tiwari and vibhu say it sounds like anguri. Anguri says it is me only and removes burkha, anita also removes. Vibhu and Tiwari are shocked and say what are you doing here? They say we came here to get a solution and actually we were acting of all this fight because we wanted to bring you both back to your senses. Vibhu and Tiwari say yes but now you both have created a mess. Anita says I have a plan and calls jagdishu ji from lucknow who is a lawyer and tells him to come fast to Kanpur.
There in a street, tilu and tika are there and tika says good today we are in the open and I will take malkhan. Tilu says okay but I will take saxena and that prem. Suddenly prem malkhan and saxena come walking. They all stop and then look at tika and tilu. Prem says today we are in the open and lets decide who is strong enough. Saxena says boys attack and they all fight. Actor Akshay kumar as the lawyer jagdishu ji and he is in scooter. Akshay stops and says don’t fight and stop everyone. Tilu says who are you to stop us? Akshay as jagdishu says should I teach you who I am? Tilu says you will teach us? Everyone laughs, akshay gets down and then beats everyone there. All of them fall at his legs and say we are sorry very sorry. Anita and anguri come with vibhu and Tiwari. Anita says I was talking about these boys and they fight everyday. Vibhu and Tiwari introduce them. Akshay says oh you are that guy vibhu who always washes utensils and clothes and tells Tiwari you are the one on whom there have been 2-3 cases on your undergarment quality. Akshay then tells tilu that if you have any case against tiwari for not giving your salary, take my card and call me. Tilu goes. Akshay then tells tika and malkhan that you both don’t fight and go home now and if there is a problem then take my card. He tells prem too that he smuggles and if he is ever caught call me. Prem goes, saxena says I just join them to get beating. Akshay then slaps saxena, and he rotates so many times that he says I don’t like it. akshay says that what I am saying and always you want a beating but its not good. Saxena says yes and goes.
Then akshay says I have work but it was nice meeting you all, anita anguri and Tiwari vibhu greet akshay and akshay kumar then takes his scooter and goes promoting his film jolly llb 2. Anita and anguri say finally the fight is over and lets go and have food and snacks tonight.
At night in vibhu lawn, vibhu Tiwari anguri and anita are sitting. Anguri says its good to see no one is fighting. Vibhu says now I and Tiwari have become best friends. Anita says yes that’s nice. Tiwari says but anyway this fight all started because of you vibhu. Vibhu looks at him and says its no ones mistake and the mistake is of pandit ramfal. Tiwari gets angry and says why do you always bring pandit ramfal in between? Vibhu says because you teased me, Tiwari says then I will speak about your dad too. They both fight and hold their collars. Anita and anguri say they will never behave properly. Both of them as Tiwari and vibhu go.

Precap: mom says pandit ramfal said there was a very huge problem in the kundli and he has given a solution too. The pandit says the solution is Tiwari and anguri you have to laugh continuously for 3 days. There anita falls on the street from a banana peel, Tiwari laughs.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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