Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with saxena bashing up vibhu and then saying i like it and dancing madly. He goes. Vibhu gets up takes the bouquet of flowers and says at least he will get some amount refunded and goes.
At home anita is speakibg on the phone and gets to know that her amount has been sanctioned and she can spread her business and she will become rich and renowned. Anita tells ok and gets happy and dances. Vibhu comes in pain. Anita tells everything to vibhu hut he just says thats nice and goes as he is in pain from being hit. Anita says what is this and he went and he did not even react and she thought he would dance from this news. Tiwari comes and says he will dance and says he will do everything. Anita says what? Tiwari congrats anita and tells he will go and distribute sweets

to everyone on this occasion. Anita says ok and tiwari goes.
At home vibhu goes to anguri and tells her why is she not talking to him and what happened and he cant bear this. Anguri tries to show signs. Vibhu thinks she doesnt want to talk. Saxena comes. Anguri says something in sign. Saxena tells vibhu that anguri wants him to bash vibhu. Vibhu says you will bash me saxena? Saxena says yes. Anguri tries to say no but saxena says see she is saying bash more severely. Anguri gets fed up of their misinterpretation and she goes in the kitchen. Vibhu looks at saxena doubtfully. Sxena starts punching and hitting him and throws him down and kicks him and says i like it continuously and then dances and goes. Vibhu crawls and tries to recover strength to go home. Anguri comes and keeps a glass of water in front and goes. Vibhu drinks it and goes home.
At home he goes and starts writing a letter . It says that anita i am tired of your daily tantrums and demandkng to work even after working so much so i am taking a drastic step and ending my life. It says i am suicidng and vibhu writes that before going he just wants to tell that he has made coffee and food for her already so that she doesnt have anymore complaints later. Vibhu writes that anita you are not the onky reason for this but there is another reason which he wont reveal to her. At the end vibhu writes i loce you. Vibhu goes up in his bedroom’s balcony and crosses its parafeet and stands in front of it ready to jump. He says that it looks that the ground is so down from up. Vibhu then says that he wants to see anguri last time. He calls anguri. Anguri says in signs dont do this. Vibhu says i am jumping anguri because she has stopped talking to him and he cant bear this grief anymore and he wants ger to say sahi pajde hain one last time because later she will forget this mad man. Anguri tries to say in signs that dont jump and is he mad. Vibhu misinterprets and says that he is mad and she will not remember him and its ok. Till then amma comes from auto and sees this. Vibhu tells anguri to says sahi pakde hain one last time. Mom says anguri dont say anything abd stop right there. Then she asks vibhu what are you doing and there are many jobless people in this world and they dont end their life like this so dont do it. She then tells him anguri will not say anything because she has kept a fast and can not speak a single word. Mom goes in and anguri too. Vibhu then thanks god and smiles and says good that its a fast and he is happy. Tiwari comes and starts laughing. Vibhu tells why did he lie and he could have died today. Tiwari says he just wanted to enjoy the fun and goes away laughing. Vibhu says this man is disgusting. Down anita has come and she calls vibhu but he doesnt answer so she sees the letter and reads it and gets scared and says where are you vibhu and goes up to find him. Vibhu is coming inside of the balcony when anita sees him and screams and says no dont do this and vibhu screams too and falls down. Anita screams and goes running down. She then picks vibhu up who is fallen over there. Anita tells him dont do this ever again and she will do all the work and leave her grooming classes and dont leave her. Vibhu says its ok his situation has solved and he says lets go i will do the work. Anita says ok you do it. Vibhu just gets hurt on leg and anita takes him in. While going in she asks him by the way what was the other reason and tell me. Vibhu tries to avoid the topic by saying lets drink tea.

Precap: anita tells tiwari and anguri that all the house work has come on her head and vibhu is not understanding and please help her make him understand. Anita comes dressed in modern fashion clothes and goes in her house. Tiwari sees this

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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