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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita saying you did not do good. Vibhu says what did we do? Anguri says you helped 2 men in getting married. Vibhu says they loved each other and anyway we got 2 lakhs each. Tiwari and vibhu clap. Anguri and anita says don’t look at your profit and when that uncle knows that saxena is a man then see what will happen. Vibhu switches on the television and the boss photo comes on tv. Vibhu says he is that boss. Tv news say yes he is a fraud man and he fools people and sells them tlling them he will atek them for job in dubai but sells them in dubai. Anita and anguri say oh my god malkhan is gone in danger. Vibhu says that boy got sold cheap. Tika starts crying. Malkhan comes suddenly with suitcase. Everyone say malkhan you are here? Malkhan says yes and says I remembered

what tika said and even I cant live without him as he is my brother so I jumped from the car. Tika cries and hugs malkhan. Malkhan says first smile and don’t cry. Tika smiles. Vibhu says anyway you still got saved otherwise you would have been sold in dubai. Malkhan says what? Vibhu says yes see the news. Malkhan sees news and says I got saved. Anita says what about saxena? Vibhu says he will handle himself. Commissioner comes with saxena. Commissioner comes and says I saved saxena and we caught that fraud so don’t worry. Everyone is happy.
Next day Tiwari is in hall and anguri comes. Anguri gives tea but he is not listening. Anguri shakes Tiwari. Tiwari says what keep tea here. Tiwari says actually my business of undergarments is not going good so I am worried. Anguri says but people wear undergarments and I saw vibhu. Tiwari says what? You saw vibhu? Anguri says I saw vibhu putting undergarments for drying. Tiwari says shut up and don’t talk about that. Anguri goes in kitchen.
In kitchen anguri is making food and singing. Vibhu comes and says you should sing in the voice india. Anguri says wow thanks. Vibhu says the food smells good, anguri says yes I am making it for Tiwari. Tiwari comes and says do your work. Vibhu says shut up I am talking to anguri. Tiwari says she is my wife and get lost. vibhu goes insulted.
There anguri is watering plants when singer shaan comes and saxena is driving the auto In which shaan is there. Shaan gets down and anguri says oh my god its you shaan. Shaan says yes anguri I know you. Anguri says you are handpump. Saxena says its handsome. Anguri says sahi pakde hai. Shaand says thank you and says the india knows about you anguri. Anguri says oh my god that’s nice. Vibhu comes. Vibhu says I am vibhuti….shaan says I know vibhuti the jobless. Vibhu kicks saxena and says what did you tell him? Shaan says he did not tell but india knows about you as mr.jobless. vibhu says oh wow I am famous. Anita and Tiwari come. Shaan says I know you Tiwari you have an undergarment business. Tiwari says yes. Vibhu says he is cheap. Tiwari says you are characterless, both fight. Shaan says don’t fight its okay. He says I know anita and you must be having many young singers in your grooming classes. Anita says yes and they all and me too am fan of yours and those kid singers in my classes all want to participate in the voice india. Shaan says that’s nice. Shaan says I know anguri you always sing and sing a song. Anguri says yes I would love too, anguri sings song kya hua tera wada. Shaan says that was beautiful. Vibhu says even I will sing, anita says me too we will sing duet. Vibhu says if she sings it will be more like solo. Anita gets angry. Shaan says okay sing. Vibhu starts singing and he sings so bad, saxena coughs. Shaan says its okay you just started and spoilt the atmosphere. Anita sings a beautiful song and shaan praises her for her singing. Anita says thank you. Shaan says you are just as beautiful as you look. Shaan says everyone sing so you should sing too Tiwari. Tiwari say I will sing this song for my only love who threw me away as a tear. Shaan says yes sing melodramatic. Tiwari sings song of mujhe aasu ki tarah. Shaan says okay and maybe your love thre you away. Everyone say we sang so you have to sing a song. Shaan says okay and sings song of chaar kadam from PK. Everyone praise him. Saxena says that was nice and says I like it. everyone say come home. shaan says no its time as I have to find many voices so I will go. Saxena takes him in auto and shaan goes as everyone say goodbye.
At home anguri is singing songs and singing tum to there pardesi, Sheila ki jawani and many songs. Tiwari comes and says what are you doing? Anguri says I am singing song and I want to go in voice of india. Tiwari says shut up you don’t sing good and you will never sing in any lifetime. Mom comes and says why are you scolding her and she slaps Tiwari. Anguri says Tiwari is saying I can never sing in any lifetime and I want to participate in voice india. Mom says oh give me that belan you are holding, mom takes and hits Tiwari on the back. Pelu comes and says yes anguri sings good. Mom says come lets take anguri to voice india. Pelu says okay and teases Tiwari and says this man wont ever allow her to do anything. Mom anguri and pelu go. Tiwari says anguri will embarrass everyone there and he gets angry.

Precap: vibhu and saxena tell Tiwari we both have opened this marriage bureau in partnership. Bollywood actor Jimmy sheirgill comes in vibhu and saxenas marriage bureau for a girl for marriage.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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