Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita telling Tiwari that they were just mere co incidences. Anita says she will bring coffee, anita goes. Tiwari suddenly falls asleep. Anita comes out with coffee, she then sees tiara sleeping and tries to wake him up, Tiwari wakes up, Tiwari says he agai had a dream. Anita says what dream did he have? Tiwari says that he feels shy to say but this time it was that anita is in his arms. Anita says what non sense and what kind of dream is this. Tiwari says he doesn’t control his dream, suddenly a rat is there and anita jumps and sits on tiwaris lap and is screaming. Tiwari says see you are in my arms, anita is shocked, Tiwari says my dream came true. Vibhu comes home and he sits and looks at anita and Tiwari.
At night Tiwari is sleeping and suddenly he gets

a dream and gets up shocked. Anguri says what did u see this time? He says vibhu cant do this and he saw that vibhu slaps anita. anguri says what and Tiwari says I should tell this to anita. Tiwari calls anita and tells her about this, anita says that this cant happen, Tiwari says you were on my lap today and it happened so even this can happen. Anita says okay and keeps phone and says I should be alert. There vibhu comes and has a diamond ring as gift for anita. vibhu goes near anita and she starts running away from him. Vibhu is confused why anita is doing this, anita goes in the balcony and says help, Tiwari hears this and he and anguri come at vibhu house and they protect anita. vibhu says I have not done anything and why are you scared? He then tells anita that he bought a ring for her and she is running away, anita says what and says thank you, suddenly vibhu slaps anita, everyone is shocked and vibhu says there was a mosquito.
Next day at tea stall, tika malkhan ask for tea and happu comes and says that give them tea from my bill today. Tika and malkhan says that why and Tiwari comes too happu singh gives them sweets and says he got promoted for his work, Tiwari says that I had a dream that he is going to get suspended for a week. Happu singh says its only a dream. Suddenly commissioner coms running and scolds happu singh and tells that the sweets he gave are so stinky and smelly and his kids are ill now and even my stomach is bad and I suspend you for a week, commissioner goes. Tika and malkhan too run to the washroom. Happu looks at Tiwari angrily.
At home doctor says what can I do for this and dreaming is not an illness. Vibhu says Tiwari gets dangerous dreams and they come true, doctor says then they are co incidences, anguri and anita say please do something and if he dreams again then something bad will happen. Tiwari says yes. Suddenly Tiwari sleeps and anguri wakes him up as fast as she can, Tiwari says again he had a dream, he says that doctor gets hurt on his head. Doctor starts laughing and says it wont come true, suddenly the bricks start falling on doctors head. Everyone is shocked.

Precap: Tiwari gets up saying no and angrui asks what did u dream? Tiwari is thinking that how will he tell anguri that he dreamt that anita is hitting him with slippers.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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