Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,vibhuti comes on his terrace early morning and he is looking for anguri and then sits reading newspaper and anguri comes out slowly thinking tat no one is seeing her amd removes a bottole and drinks it it looks like a bottole of liqor vibhuti sees it and thinks y is bhabhiji drinking liqor and then after drinking anguri goes in and vibhuti thinks tat bhabhiji was drinking liqor.
Manmohan gets ready and calls anguri she comes out and she looses her control and manmohan asks is she ok anguri says ya she is it was just tat she was fainting manmohan asks shall we go to doctor as ur health is very important u look after everyone but u don’t take care of urself and anguri says tat we can go to the doctor tat amaji told and manmohan shouts tat once when he took the

medicine of tat doctor tat amaji told his system became worst and then he asks to take care and leaves.
Anguri calls amaji and amaji asks anguri tat has she taken the syrup she gave and anguri says tat yes she took it early morning and amaji asks how is ur cough now and anguri says tat now it is ok and then amaji herself is also taking the syrup which is actually alcohol vibhuti comes behind the window and listens anguri talking to amaji she asks anguri to take it every half hour and anguri then asks amaji tat is their a bit of liqor in it as it feels heavy and and amaji says yes and then they hang up and saxena faals on vibhuti and both eventually fell in front of anguri and then vibhuti says to saxena tat r u drunk and saxena says yes and vibhuti says it is bad to drink alcohol and anguri says tat yes u r rit and vibhuti is looking at anguri and telling to saxena tat he loves u very much so pls u should not drink alcohol and saxena gets emotional and cries saying tat no one has loved him so much and vibhuti then goes and saxena follows him and anguri finishes her drink
Anita is exercising and manmohan when enters sees her dancing and hides behind door to watch her dance and while dancing when anita turns she gets shocked to see manmohan there and then he comes in and says to anita tat she is a very good dancer just like Michael Jackson and anita says where is Michael ackson he is great person I m nothing compared to him and then anita asks manmohan how come u here and manmohan says tat he was going to his shop so just came to visit and saxena comes in and fells on floor as he is drunk and manmohan scolds him how dare he drink and comes to a beautiful ladys house and saxena says tat he is here to meet vibhuti and anita says tat he is not at home and manmohan takes away saxena.
Anguri is lieing on sofa in their hall and drinking the syrup she is talking to amaji and both seems drunk and comes in vibhuti and says to anguri tat is she fine and anguri says ya she is and then vibhuti says to her tat we should not drink alcohol as due to it our liver gets damaged and anguri says tat ya she has heard it in amitabh bachans movie and then he tries to tell her again tat liqor is bad for health and anguri then gets up and says tat she has to cook food and goes in kitchen and shouts to go away and vibhuti gets surprised and asks her tat is she saying to him and anguri says no she was saying to the crows near her kitchen window and then he leaves
Vibhuti is sitting upset in hall anita sees him and asks wats the matter y r u upset and vibhuti tells tat does she remember his friend vijay during their marriage he was drunk and hurt ur father and anita says yes she remembers him and vibhuti tells tat his wife has started drinking alcohol and anita gets shocked listening to it and says tat she was such a nice women definitely it must be him vijay due to which she must have started drinking and then anita says tat she needs to do some research on it and then vibhuti says to her tat yes she should do some research and anita shouts at him saying this u can also do as u have no work and leaves
Vibhuti disheartened comes to his terrace and sees anguri coming she sits on the chair and again drinks and leaves vibhuti thinks y is she doing this and when sees down he sees that manmohan is talking to anita and then decides to find a solution on it
Next day vibhuti gets up and is sitting in his garden reading news paper anita comes out and asks vibhuti wats the matter u have started saying poems on alcohol and vibhuti says no and anita says tat last night in ur dreams u were saying a poem on it and then anita asks him about the vijays wife and says tat she has a solution on it a lady can understand a lady’s pain and so she asks vibhuti to give her vijays wife number and she will talk to her and vibhuti gets the idea to solve the problem of drinking for anguri and then anita asks him tat does he wants to eat the lauki kofta and vibhuti says yes and anita asks him to prepare it and then asks him to take the cups inside too and vibhuti says to her tat she is looking beautifull in this sari and anita compliments his shirt and vibhuti murmurs that he hates it and leaves and then vibhuti is seen wearing a sari get up of a lady.

Vibhuti is in a lady get up tells anguri tat he gives massage to gents and then comes anita and asks anguri to give her the syrup on cough.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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