Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari n Vibhuti drinking,anguri says oh u two started before the party, Vibhuti says we were stressed,anyways will u have some wine,even Anita has some,n wine is good for Heath,anguri says wow I will have some, Tiwari says no she will not go away anguri. Prem says Anita bhabhi let this curfew stay for long my illegal business will grow due to it,Anita calls Vibhuti n says where are u , I don’t know,do something n take me away, this Prem is so irritating,Vibhuti says see its curfew I’m thinking,come in balcony n I will come in balcony,I will send u cake through a rope,n u cut cake n we will sing bday song for u,Anita says no,Vibhutis ays see that’s the only way,Anita says ok I’m coming in balcony.

Anita n prem in tiwaris balcony and anguri Vibhuti Tiwari

in Anita’s balcony,they wish Anita very happy bday,Anita says what happy.this curfew has spoiled my mood,Vibhuti says baby don’t worry I won’t let ur day spoil n throws a rope at her n sends cake across it,Anita says wow my baby thanku, Vibhuti says yes cut the cake now Anu,prem says yes Vibhuti can’t come here u give me the cake,Anita says I won’t cut cake without u,Vibhuti says are u mad ,anguri says Vibhuti u jump from here,Tiwari says he is coward but I would have jumped for u anguri,Anita says Vibhu u are ncc cadet u can do it come here,Vibhuti says ok just for u baby,I love u,Anita says I love u too,be careful,Vibhuti hanging on rope n going across,vibhuti says baby I got u chocolate cake u love chocolate,toward thinks even I’m an ncc cadet n I won’t leave this opportunity n jumps on rope n hangs on it,anguri says be careful,vibhuti says are u mad this rope,Tiwari says I don’t care I will come too,Vibhuti says but why u want to come,Tiwari says I financed this party let me have cake too,anguri says I’m alone let me come too,Tiwari says rope will break don’t,Vibhuti says oh it will not break bcoz of her but bcoz of u.

The rope opens n Vibhuti n Tiwari fall on ground,men rush behind them,Vibhuti n Tiwari go to saxenas house,prem says bhabhiji cut the cake. Tiwari n Vibhuti in pain,Vibhuti says this is all ur fault,Tiwari says my money so I jumped,Vibhutis ays u could come later now we both are injured,good saxenas house was open.saxena comes In all injured,Vibhuti says what were u doing out the curfew, Saxena says I love these curfew these men hit u so well I like it n then catches a live wire n says I like this too, I need more,feel at home n leaves again. Vibhuti says this Saxena what’s his mind state.

Prem says Anita bhabhi I feel bad for ur bday, Anita says ur name shdnt be Prem,Anita says u need to change ur name,prem says even Vibhuti needs to change his name,Anita says oh no I shd call him n calls Vibhuti n says his phone isn’t reachable. Tiwari falls asleep m starts snoring,Vibhuti pinches him n wakes him up n says how can u sleep in such situation,Vibhutis phone ring n says yes Anu baby,Anita says I’m hope ur safe Vibhu,Vibhuti says I’m injured a lot, n now what abt the party baby, I spent a lot,Anita says don’t worry I will call happu Singh n ask him to get u n Tiwari.tiwari falls asleep no tarts snoring Vibhuti gives him shock with live wire.

Happu Singh busy with curfew duty,Anita calls him, happu Singh says oh I guess to invite me for party,Anita says happu Singh u take so long to pick calls,happu Singh says sorry busy with duty,Anita says I called to ask u to get Tiwari n Vibhu from saxenas house get them,happu Singh says n after that,aniat says join ur duty again, happu Singh says how abt if i stay a little n have some cake n wish u happy bday,Anita says why not but only when u have Vibhu n Tiwari.

Tika n Malkha all injured still hiding at tea stall,malka says Tika let’s try once more,
Tika says yes I’m very hungry too,Tika n malka come out slowly, Tika says I can’t see anyone, both start walking slowly,they see men n sit down,the men hit them again.

Precap : happu Singh, Vibhuti n Tiwari, Anita says u in middle of road,happu Singh says don’t worry it’s safe with me u can cut cake here too,those men come n hit happu Singh n others rush away.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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