Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, vibhuti is dreaming of being a Krishna and anita sees him and says tat get up vibhuti u have to follow krishnajis quality not his style and asks him to get up and get ready while vibhuti goes to meet anguri and calls her while he is sitting on the compound with a basuri in his hand and as she comes he says tat i will start playing basuri and anguri says tat oh tats so nice and vibhuti starts playing basuri and anguri likes it and also sees the light blinking near the basuri and anguri folds hand prays while the actual basuri is connected to a tape recorder where saxena is operating it and playing the music of basuri and comes tiwari there and he is surprised to see vibhuti playing such beautiful basuri and he sees tat the wire is connected to his basuri and going

towards his house hwere he sees saxena and says now i got to know all this and goes and give saxena a toffee and takes control of the tape recorder and misplaces the wires and vibhuti gets a current and anguri asks wat happen to ur basuri and tiwari says see this anguri he was not playing it and vibhutis lips get burnt and anguri gets upset and goes in
Vibhti is sitting at his home and hiding his lips as they r burnt and anita comes down dressed up as rukminin and at the same time tiwari comes and stops at the door sees anita and imagines tat he has become Krishna anita is singing song as rukmini for him anita comes down and says to vibhuti wat is this y r u hiding ur face behind the handkerchief and vibhuti tells tat i m not hiding i have a tooth pain and anita says u would have told me and then she asks ohk now tell me how do i look in this rukminins get up and tiwari comes in and says tat u look like a real rukmini and anita says thank you and then anita gets angry and says to vibhuti tat y ru still quiet and vibhuti says tat i told u tat i have pain in my tooth and tiwari says tat really or ur lips are burnt and laughs and vibhuti says to anita tat pls ask this man tiwari to shut up and then he gets angry and leaves and anita says to tiwari are u hearing some sound and then they both come near window and see hapu singh trying to break the handi with help of tika and malkhan and anita says tat hapu singh seems to be very serious to do the role of Krishna nd tiwari gets upset and leave while hapu singh is standing on tika and malkhans shoulder and asking them to hold him tightly and a bike comes and tika and malkhan leaves hapu singh and he fells down and later hapu singh is sitting near tea stall and tika and malkhan are helping him get rid of pain and comes tiwari and sits on tiwaris leg and he shouts cant u see and sit and tiwari asks sorry but wat happened and hapu singh tells tat this all happened as i want to become Krishna nd tiwari says to him tat y u want to be Krishna when u r perfect to be a kansa and then brbes him to become kansa and not Krishna and hapu singh agrees
Anguri is making makhan and while doing she is singing song and sees tat there is a lizard near the pot and shouts and goes inside and comes tiwari there and seeing the pot o makhan he comes inside through window and starts eating the makhan and enjoys its taste while anguri comes from behind along with ladu and they see tiwari there and anguri tries telling him but he does not listens and then ladu tells tat there is a lizard in ur hand and tiwar too gets scared and shouts at anguri y didn’t she tell him and he says tat i tried telling u but u dindt listen and tiwari gets irritated and goes inside
Vibhuti is applying ointment on his lips and anita comes and sees it and asks him wat happen and he lies tat a friend offered him a corn and he didn’t see and took a bite and so his lips got burnt tats it and anita says y such things happen with u only and vibhuti says tat it will be ok next morning and anita says tat stop doing this stupid things and be naughty like Krishna there is no naughtiness in u

Vibhuti says tat i will become naughty now and says tat from tomorrow morning i will be naghty and next morning he says tat i will flop tiwaris plan to be Krishna and pours oil in front of his gate and comes back and thinks how will i check if the oil is of good quality and then he sees a boy coming who slipd on the road and vibhutis says yes the oil is of good quality and then he call tiwari but anguri comes out and asks who is calling tiwari and seeing anguri comng out vibhuti gets tensed

Precap:anguri comes out and vibhuti also and both slip on the road while anita also comes one by one hapu singh comes and tika malkhan and everyone slips

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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