Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with angoori asking vibhuti whether he is getting insulted n is feeling nice now? She says she will do it more n goes to kitchen. Vibhuti says that what is this n its like (aa bail mujhe maar) idiom. Vibhuti goes to tea stall n meets happu singh there. Saxena tells happu that he has lost everything in gambling so he is sad. Happu asks him to file a complaint. Vibhuti says no let it be n you please leave me. Tiwari comes n vibhuti sits down n says what happend sir? Tiwari says that go and get all the sacks from godown n give it at home. Vibhuti says he has already done so much work n he is tired. Tiwari hits him n says go n do it. Vibhuti takes the sack n goes to give at his home. Anita sees him n gets shocked seeing it n tells her friend that she will call him later.

At night, angoori tells tiwari that vibhuti is a nice man and in order to leave the feeling of guiltiness he is working as a servant n thats why he is good. He also scolds his servants so he should also become like a servant for good deeds. Tiwari shouts at her to sleep. He thinks this vibhuti has put anything in angoori’s mind. He will teach him a lesson. Vibhuti goes home n gets freshen up n tells anita that he is very much tired n he wants to sleep. He keeps his head on anita’s lap but tiwari calls him. She asks him why is he going tiwari is calling his servant. Vibhuti says he is teasing him. He likes teasing him. He says he’ll come soon. Tiwari asks him to give the stale roti’s to dogs n that too now itself n no roti should be left. Vibhuti says he can give it tomorrow please as anita is waiting for him. Tiwari says should he call anita n tell her everything. Vibhuti says no n agrees to give the rotis. He is calling for dogs by barking n anita asks what is he doing. He tells about rotis. She says he is so kind hearted n he must do the work n come n she’ll sleep. He barks for dogs n says not even one dog is there now n usually all dogs are there. Saxena comes like a dog n says he wants the stale rotis n he is dog he eats stale rotis. Vibhuti asks him to finish all of it.

Next morning, vibhuti is sleeping on the road. Angoori calls anita n tells her. They wake up vibhuti n ask him why is he sleeping here n who did this with him. He says he was asked to guard the house whole night n he slept on the road. He says tiwari did this because he lost himself to tiwari in gambling and tells everything to them. They say they are upset with both of them. Then at tiwari’s house angoori is leaving the house he asks her why, anita comes n says he is his servant. Tiwari asks what does shs mean. Angoori says that she n anita were playing gambling n she lost him n the house so she is going to ammaji n she hands over the keys of the house to anita. Vibhuti comes n gives the servant clothes to anita. She throws it to tiwari n asks him to where it. Tiwari says how can anyone loose someone in gambling. Anita says just like vibhuti lost himself in gambling. Tiwari says now he understood n apologizes to them n vibhuti. Vibhuti asks does he really mean it? Tiwari says yes n they both hug each other. The screen freezes on their hug.

Precap:- Anita tells tiwari that a prisoner from happu singh’s jail has ran away with his gun. Tiwari opens the door to welcome anita n vibhuti n the prisoner enters n angoori n tiwari keep looking at him as he comes n sits on their sofa

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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