Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update Tiwari and Vibhuti disguise as Gulfamkalis family

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Putan says i have fallen in love with Gulfamkali, Daddy says what do you know who she is, Putan says i dont care we have fallen for each other thats done, daddy says she is bar dancer, Putan says so even we use to sell alcohol and grand father was a theif, daddy slaps him, Tiwari and Vibhu walk in and says why slap him, Daddy says he has fallen in love with Gulfamkali, Tiwari says that’s a good thing, Daddy slaps him,vibhu says love is blind and you know Gulfamkali,putan says you know her, Daddy says know just seen her,putan says so whats the problem,i want to marry her thats it, Daddy gets very angry,vibhu says be happy he is so good he came and expressed his heart to you, didnt hide anything.
Vibhu says its true love, daddy says what about Gulfamkali and how did you find about

love in a day,Angoori says even i found in a day that tiwari is in love.

Daddy says you can’t marry Gulfamkali,tiwari says please daddy don’t separate loved ones,vibhu says yes we beg of you,daddy asks why are you supporting him and i want to meet her family only then i shall make a decision.

Putan and Gulfamkali together he sings for her, boys and happu see that and get angry. Teeka says Hapu look whats happening do something. Putan asks where were you, i never want to depart from you, Gulfamkali says we will never get away from eachother, Putan says lets go far away from this place. Hapu walks to Putan and says you are under arrest, Gulfamkali asks whats your problem Hapu singh.hapu says romancing in public is crime, commissioner comes with constable saroj, hapu says what are you doing, commissioner says oh we solving a case,putan says we too and this hapu is arresting us and is he does even you should be arrested, commissioner says leave them

Tiwari and vibhu walk in Gulfamkali bar, she welcomes them, and says sorry there wont be any entertainment, Tiwari says we aren’t here for this,vibhu says we have some news your would be father in law would like to see your family, Gulfamkali says i have no one, Tiwari says you cant marry Putan then, Gulfamkali says this means i dont have right to marry,vibhu says dont worry you will marry putan we will be your family, Tiwari will be your mother, and i will be your father, Tiwari says you be mother, vibhu says do as i say and both get in argument. Gulfamkali says god where will i get my mother from

Hapu walks to Anu,anu says im very busy dont disturb, Hapu says i heard you are writing so came to see yiu because even im a writer, Anu asks how come,Hapu says once i met with an accident and had blood loss and was given a writers blood, so its in my blood.Anu says okay fine let me narrate you my story the scene is hero meets heroine, and they fall for each other but have to leave, Hapu says great but one thing let them not meet in park, that’s not good.

Putan all dressed waiting for Gulfamkali family,putan says daddy show politeness. Daddy says what have you done for me,putan says neighbours aunty i helped you proposed her and all your affairsbi have hidden them from mom, Angoori walks to them and praises Daddy asks where is tiwari, Angoori says he is at shop,putan says he doesn’t like my happiness, Angoori says no he had meetings with customer.

Gulfamkali walks in with disguised Tiwari and Vibhuti.

Pre cap : Vibhuti performs at Putan and Gulfamkalis engagement.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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