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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu telling this pelu is annoying and then asks Tiwari how do you feel? Tiwari says anyway I am angry and what are you asking? Vibhu says why are you angry and anguri did this for so many years but she still smiles and you are annoyed? Tiwari says women have a habit of doing this and I did it for first time so I am angry and get lost now. Suddenly a van comes and tika and malkhan in women dresses are thrown out. Van goes. Tika and malkhan come disturbed and crying. Tiwari anjd vibhu say what happened? Tika and malkhan say there were thugs in the van and they kidnapped us yesterday and raped us thinking as women and tika says I was made to dance. They start crying and say now we know how unsafe women are? Tiwari and vibhu say yes you know that now. Tika and malkhan

go happy. Tiwari says just think what will you show those thugs if they kidnap you? I will show moustache. Vibhu says even I can show something and he goes.
At home vibhu goes and says anita I am home. anita comes dressed as man and says yes darling I am here and I am going to the office. Vibhu says you look exactly like a man, he then says I shall go to work as you used to before and you will do the work at home. anita says no if that thug sees this he will kill you and I will go to work and you will work at home. vibhu says okay. Anita goes.
There at home Tiwari is there and he says anguri bring lunch. Anguri comes dressed in tiwaris clothes as man. Tiwari says you look cute and make lunch today. Anguri says no and you will make and I will go to the shop. Tiwari says make it for today and I will make from tomorrow. Anguri says no and go now, Tiwari goes running in kitchen.
Outside anguri and anita sit in auto. Vibhu and Tiwari go out. Anguri tells Tiwari that you are my wife and when I return from the shop I want dinner ready and send the lunch at the shop. Anita tells vibhu that do all work baby and I will come and keep food ready. Anita and anguri go with pelu. Vibhu tells Tiwari that anguri look cute, Tiwari says yes but not more than anita. they both go.
At tea stall, happu singh says on phone that yes I will track Manuka down. Tika and malkhan are sad and depressed. Happu says what happened? Tika says you are of no use and what do you do for women safety? Happu says shut up and tell me. Tika and malkhan say write down the complaint, tika and malkhan tell that 4 thugs kidnapped them thinking as woman and raped and hit them with belts and help us. Happu says we all are women now and I cant do anything, malkhan says what are you enjoying this? Happu slaps them. Tika malkhan says help us and stop doing all this time waste. Happu says okay I will write it down and do something.
Vibhu is making food and Tiwari there too. Vibhu says there is a different fun in making food being a woman. Tiwari says shut up and you look such a characterless woman. Vibhu says as if you look like katrina kaif. Saxena comes as woman and says how are you s*xy women and I want to tease you and trouble you. Vibhu and Tiwari say you are a dog and get lost. saxena tells vibhu how are you karam kallo and tells Tiwari you are a chalu aurat. Tiwari tells come here and slaps saxena, vibhu tells saxena come here. He says I am here chichori, vibhu slaps saxena. Saxena says I like it and goes. Yadrams song comes and whistles and goes. Vibhu tells Tiwari that see we have become women and how characterless these people are getting. Tiwari says are they fooling us and yadrams song isn’t wearing women’s clothes. Vibhu says you are already a fool. Tiwari and vibhu start fighting and throwing utensils.
At tea stall, happu tika and malkhan are sad. Tika and malkhan says we are bring taken every night by those thugs and they are doing what not? Happu says even I am being pinched on my ass and troubled.

Precap: anguri is romancing with Tiwari. There anita too. At tea stall, vibhu and Tiwari remove wig and tika and malkhan too and say we don’t want to be women anymore and throw this shit. Happu says then why should I be? He too removes wig. Suddenly a flying knife comes and hits tea stall. Everyone is scared.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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