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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari telling vibhu that stay out of our family and you are not encouraging anguri because she does not know fashion designing. Vibhu tells you are killing her talent. Anguri says yes. Tiwari irks and goes.vibhu tells anguri that dont pay attention to that man. Anguri says i had made a shirt for him and he sid not wear it. Vibhu tells i am your model fr now and i will wear it. Anguri gets happy. Vibhu takes shirt. He goes in and wears it and then comes out. He tells anguri that the fitting is very good and its awesome. Anguri tells wow you look good. Vibhu says i will go and show everyone outside. He steps out abd his back has been stitched like a blouse from a saree. Vibhu says to himself that he is feeling as if open air is coming inside him.
At tea stall saxena

and tika are sitting. Tika tells on phone that you have given money to malkhan so take it from him and not me and i am tika not malkhan. He keeps the phone. Saxena asks what happened? Tika tells that malkhan took a loan and has not returned so they called me. Saxena laughs. Malkhan comes. Tika comes and then they see he is studded with gold and stuff. They ask him how come you have all this? Malkhan tells a mercahant has adopted him so he gave him all this. Tika tells asks if he wants another son. Malkhan says no. Vibhu comes. He sits down. Saxena tells wow this shirt is very nice and it is fitting you properly. Vibhu tells anguri made it. Then saxena sees behind and starts laughing. He tells get up and show everyone the back fitting. Vibhu gets up. Everyone start laughing. Vibhu slaps saxena tika and malkhan. He then sits and tells them tell why are you laughing. Saxena puts his hand in vibhus back. Vibhu feels weird and says what is this? Saxena laughs and tells see this is the trend. Vibhu goes away.
At home tiwari tells anita that he will support anguri from now on and will help her in her dreams. Anita says that good. Vibhu comes. Anita sees him and says that his shirt is very nice. Vibhu tells tiwari that anguri made it and now you should help her. Then vibhu shows his back. Tiwari laughs and anita screams then tells oh nothing its good. Vibhu says are you sure. Anita laughs but says yes it is good. Then tiwari gets up. He is going. He looks at vibhus back and then removes the tied string of blouse and goes laughing. Vibhu says ouch and says this man is a beast. Anita ties it.
At home tiwari brings dress materials and tells anguri i know now that you are good at fashion designing. He tells her you make dress materials for men. Anguri says yes i will make it. Tiwari laughs in mind.
At anitas house happu singh comes and tells i have to arrest vibhu on ground of wearing explicit shirts. Vibhu says what and that shirt is good. Anita tells go or else we will tell commissioner about your bribe. Happu singh goes.
Next day vibhu goes at anguri. She tells him that she has made a new dress. She brings it and tells him to wear this. Vibhu is shocked to see it as it is having round baskets attached to it.

Precap: vibhu goes at anita and tells her why did u lie that i looked good. Anita says no u actually looked handsome. He tells swear on me. Anita says you looked like shit.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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