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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu coming home. He comes and anguri pats his head and she says yes he is my jabra. Anita and tiwari are looking at them puzzled. Anguri ties a bell to vibhu. Vibhu sits for dinner. As anguri is serving vibhu says he brought grass for him and he will that. Vibhu adds pepper to grass and eats it. Anita and tiwari feel disgusted.
At night vibhu is in balcony and says his stomach is aching because of that grass. Anita comes. She tells vibhu sorry for her being ashamed on hi. Vibhu says its okay and i can understand. He goes to washroom to refresh.
At tea stall next day, happu singh is talking with someone and says he doesnt want anything and just wants money ti settle in london and a passport. Tiwari comes and sits and says where are u going to london? Tiwari

says a person like you doesnt deserve to go there or u will start bribing there too. Happu singh says shut up. Tiwari says he was joking and he has news for him. Happu says tell. Tiwari tells happu about vibhu becoming a donkey and he can no longer stay with anita as she is unsafe with an animal and she will get hurt so he should be moved to an animal home. Happu says how will anita get hurt and he will see to it. He tells that lets go and we will put vibhu in an animal home. They go at home. There vibhu is sitting with tail. They tell anita that happu is taking vibhu to an animal house. Vibhu says why and anita says no you cant. Vibhu tells anita to bring water for them and he will talk to them. She goes. Vibhu gets up and kicks happu and tiwari. Tiwari says you are taking law in your hands. Vibhu says he is a donkey. Vibhu makes the donkey noise and tiwari and happu run away.
At anguri house vibhu goes and makes the noise. Anguri comes and she pats him on his head. She tells she has grass for him mixed with oil. Vibhu says no and his stomach is full and he cant eat as he just ate it. Anguri says he has to as donkeys love it. Anguri goes in to bring grass. Vibhu says i should run from here. Happu comes there with chedda a donkey catcher and tells him to catch vibhu and take him. Vibhu is scared. Chedda catches him and anguri comes. She tells dont take him. Chedda tells his donkey has been lost and he needs this donkey so he is taking him. Anguri says okay you need it then take him.vibhu pleads but is pulled out of the house. Tiwari and anita come. Tiwari says yes take him. Anita says no you cant and chedda tells its unsafe to keep him here. He then pushes vibhu hut his tail comes in cheddas hand. They all get to know vibhu was acting as a donkey. Anita scolds him to tell the truth why he did it. Vibhu tells he had beaten a donkey when he was young and so a saint told him to act like a donkey and all his sins will be washed. Vibhu says sorry to everyone. Episode ends.
Next day at home anita is reading magazine and she reads an article that a man becomes a complete man when he comes to the age of 60. Anita says yes she likes old men and says she had a huge crush on her principal of age 60 and he looked so handsome. Vibhu comes. She tells him she likes older women and he is so immature. Vibhu says okay. Anita says she had a crush on their principal. Vibhu says then why didnt you marry him? Anita says she could have if she wasnt involved with him and principal wouldnt have been married. Tiwari listens all this and thinks i will be an old man for anita.

Precap: tiwari has white hair on the sides and is acting mature and old. Anguri tells tiwari to chew sugarcane and walnuts ad his teeth wont be weak then as he is getting old.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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