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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,tiwari comes in and asks anita how is she and anita says she is fine and asks him how is he and he says I m not fine and anita says tat u look good and tiwari says tat I look good but when I see u I get very much fine n good and anita says tat u praise me so much u can built a temple by my name and tiwari says tat sure I will do tat and anita requests him to keep vibhuti as a pujari ther and tiwari says tat this is a very responsible job how will vibhuti do it he is useless and anita says no vibhuti is not useless he is a very nice husband he takes so much care of me and tiwari says yes tats right even I wish sometimes I get the opportunity and then tiwari says tat I m talking about anguri and he says tat she never gives me a chance and anita says tat u should praise

and pray she is a a very nice women and he thinks when will she stop talking about anguri and anita then shows him a photograph and asks guess who is this and tiwari says this must be u and says tat its ok even I had the habbit of putting my finger in nose and anita says him tat this is a boy and tiwari for a moment thinks and asks anita u are a boy and anita says tat this is vibhuti not me he used to drape like a girl he used to like it all
Vibhuti donates blood and is on the way to home while doctor scolds the nurse tat she has given wrong injections to vibhuti he will behave like a women now due to the lady hormone injections and the nurse keeps quiet and then doctor asks her tat is she free today evening lets go to movie and she smiles vibhuti on his way meets saxena and tells him tat he has donated 3 bottloes blood and saxena then says tat he used to think tat u were useless but today he feels proud of u and vibhuti in a lady style says shut up and saxena asks wats wrong brother and vibhuti also gets confused y did he behaved like tat and he leaves for home and he goes to meet anguri she is seeing her new bangles and she gets a cal from amaji she asks did she get the bangles and anguri says yes she got it and amaji asks did the courier boy delivered it undamaged and anguri says yes and vibhuti corrects her English and amaji asks tat vibhuti is there ask him to apply for job at ur home he is always here and anguri says no just pray tat he gets a job and then anguri tells amaji tat she will click a picture with the new bangles and send u pics and hungs up and sees at vibhuti and laughs and asks y is wearing the bangle and vibhuti also checks and gets surprised y did he wear it and then removes and then anguri laughs hard on it and says tat she will tell this to tiwari and ladu and vibhuti in a girlish style says u should not and then he gets confused and leaves talking to anguri and anguri gets a bit confused y was vibhuti talking like a lady
Tiwari and anita are talking to each other on a cup of tea she tells tiwari tat she was flat on vibhutis manly style his manly voice and enters vibhuti walking like a lady and anita asks y did u walked like tat and he says nothing and anita says he likes acting and then tiwari leaves and anita asks him wats wrong withu why r u behaving like this and vibhuti says may be he donated blood so there must be short of blood circulation in his lower body so he may have walked like tat and then vibhuti iin his gardens roams and thinks wats wrong with him y is he always behaving like this and he then meets pandit ji he tells vibhuti tat he today saw a English movie in which a boy turned into a lady and he sees tat vibhuti is behaving like a lady and there also comes two boys who also says tat they also have seen tat movie and tell vibhuti the story and vibhuti behaves like lady and they look at him strangely and he goes in
Vibhuti then goes to a tea stall he is walking like a lady and everyone looks at him strangely and he meets the doctor and the doctor tells him tat he was wrongly injected with the lady hormone as he slept on the same bed where the lady was supposed to and he says tat he will inject u the reverse hormones injection but when will the effect stop has no gurantee and then vibhuti understands tat y was he behaving like this and doctor also warns him tat u may turn more in to like a lady and then next morning vibhuti gets up and is standing in his gallery and thinking tat how will this lady hormone effect get up to him and then comes anita and says tat she has made a delicious sandwich and vibhuti talks to her facing back and then anita shouts him to face her and talk and when he turns he is in a make up ladies make up and anita gets shocked seeing vibhuti like tat.
Vegetable seller is selling vegetables and anguri stops him and asks how did he gave bhindi and he says for u its very less just 50rs a 1 kg for u and anguri says wat and he says ok 2 rs less for u and comes vibhuti with make up like ladies wearing earrings anguri gets shocked seeing him he is talking like a female and says to vegetable seller tat give 30 rs a 1 kg to anguri and even tiwari sees all this and vibhuti tells anguri tat she has applied wrong color lipstick she should apply a pink one it will suit her and tiwari will also get flatten on her while anguri says tat tiwari never sees her lipstick and all but vibhuti says tat u follow my tip I will also tell u many more and goes to tell in her ear the vegetable seller comes ahead and vibhuti says to him are u a lady than y r u listening and tells it in anguris ear while seeing all this tiwari promises self tat he will not let anita suffer due to vibhutis this female behavior.

Vibhuti is now wearing a lady dress and sitting with anguri and chitchatting and saxena sees him and says she looks like my childhood friend and then tiwari is seen in deepus getup trying to impress anita but she looks bored.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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