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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu who is in balcony with long hair and anguri sees from her house and says wow the are so smooth and long and I love them. Anguri says I have a song in mind for this hair, anguri sings and dances romantically on the song, anita suddenly comes and pulls vibhus hair, vibhus wakes up and it’s a dream.
At nigh vibhu and tiwari are in an auto talking to each other. Vibhu cries and drinks alcohol and tells tiwari that he is sad and my wife doesn’t come near me and I am alone, in mind vibhu thinks that anguri is not letting him near him, tiwari says that even he has the same problem and anguri doesn’t allow him near him whereas its actually anita whom tiwari cares about. Vibhu tells tiwari that he will make that hair killer bald too.tiwari says he too will help

him. There happu singh at night is having shawl on his body and he says if id ont catch that hair killer soon then I will lose my moustache and hair as anita will remove it. Happu then sees a blade fallen down and says okay so this hair killer throws blades after he uses it on a person. Happu takes it and goes walking ahead. Tiwari and vibhu see a man in shawl with blade and think its hair killer, they beat him up. Later they know its happu singh, they apologize to him. Happu singh says he was just having it because it was fallen down. Tiwari and vibhu say sorry. Happu says he will catch that blo*dy hair killer.
Next day morning saxena is distributing sweets in the town and he comes to anita and anguri in the frontyard. He tells them that take these sweets as he is very happy today. Anguri and anita ask eagerly what is the good news? Saxena tells that he saw a cross outside his house and he is happy as the hair killer will come and take his hair too. Anita says what? Saxena says yes and just imagine what a moment that will be when hair killer will take my hair. Saxena says I will look cute. Anita says to anguri that we have this right time to catch that hair killer and I will punish him for his sins. Anguri says yes.
At home tiwari is crying in hall and says anita is not letting me near her and I cant undergo this anymore. Suddenly anita comes at doorstep in blue saree and comes near tiwari and apologizes to him that she did not allow him near her, anita then dances on a romantic song and tiwari dances too. Tiwar on sofa is dreaming and anguri comes and wakes him up. Tiwari says what did u do and I was having a beautiful dream. Anguri tells what did you dream? Tiwari says that I made the hair killer bald and we need to catch him soon. Anguri says yes.
At saxenas home next day saxena is ready and anguri anita and happu singh are there to trap the hair killer. Saxena is sitting on sofa and waiting for hair killer to come and take his hair. The hair killer comes dressed and covered. As he enters the house he sees saxena sitting there and as he is about to go near him, anguri anita and happu singh catch hold of him and bash him and take him outside saxenas house. Saxena there picks the blade and says I like it and starts removing his hair. Happu singh removes the cover of hair killer and says he is ghyanchands son. Anita and anguri ask why did he do this? Hair killer says he did it because my girlfriend loves my hair a lot but a man who used to love her removed my hair and added a chemical due to which my hair cant grow back and my girlfriend left me and so I made him bald and decided to continue making all men in this city bald. Anita and anguri says that is very evil of him to do this, happu singh takes him to jail.
Next day anguri and anita come on street and anguri says tiwari is feeling shy to come out but he is looking handsome. Anita says even vibhu is feeling shy to come out but he is looking cute. Anguri says I will call vibhu and she calls vibhu as anita calls tiwari. Both come out. Tiwari and vibhu are wearing some funky hair wig and they all go for shopping.

Precap: anguri is doing aarti of tiwari and says to tiwari that he is the best husband in the world and I am doing this aarti because he does not look at any other woman except her. Vibhu sees this all secretly from outside. There anita tells vibhu that he is not a good man and all men are the same except a few good men, vibhu says I know its me. Anita says no and says its tiwari.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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