Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,tiwari says ok so u will make vibhu leave and then he makes anita listen the recording where vibhuti says tat yes I have a girlfriend and tiwari says tat actually I feeled a bit difficult but then thought of atlast telling u and anita gets really shocked as the voice was vibhuti’s
Vibhuti comes to meet anguri and she then says tat I was waiting for u wat happened and he says he didn’t reveal anything I think we should apply a new plan and anguri asks wat and vibhuti says u have to act like ur having an affair and anguri says tat I could not do it and vibhuti says tat u have to do it and anguri then says how is it possible and vibhuti says u have to just talk on phone something romantic and then she says ok I will do it and she asks whom will I talk to and vibhuti

says raj and anguri asks who raj and vibhuti says I will be raj.
Tiwari is doing calculations and sweety agarwal calls him and says tat thanq so much ur tips were very useful and tiwari says love u sweety and anguri listens all this while sweety tells tat I also want to tell tat I like a girl and tiwari says even I love one girl and anguri hears this and says tat now I will act like I am having an affair and then u will now and she leaves while sweety says tat u r already married and tiwari says my wife is innocent so I just see the girl and enjoy it and sweety says I m learning a lot from u and then hung up the phone
Anguri then goes in her bedroom and calls vibhuti and starts acting and says hi raj how r u and vibhuti gets happy and says now we will start talking romantic she says I m fine how is ur mother and vibhuti there says fine and she asks how is ur sister did she find a groom to marry and vibhuti at other side says bhabhiji u should not ask these questions say I love u and anguri says ok and she then sasy I love u and with small voice she says tiwari and tiwari listens all this and goes down
While vibhuti gets very happy by listening tat I love u and then he says tat please repeat these words senorita pls say tat words again pls say I love u my sweety senorita and anita hears this all and comes close to vibhuti and vibhuti gets shocked after seeing her aside and anita then just asks him to leave the house and then she opens the door and asks him to leave he says let me explain and anita says I will shoot u and then will shoot myself and vibhuti leaves with his bags
Tiwari sits in his hall and is crying he says tat anguri I never expected this from u and door knocks and tiwari opens the door and amaji slaps tiwari and goes on hitting him continuously and says how dare u had an affair and tiwari says I didn’t anguri is having an affair and amaji again slaps him how dare u say this and anguri comes there while amaji then asks tiwari to get out of the house and drags him out and closes the door and then anguri says where will he go and amaji says he will go anywhere u don’t worry once he will understand his mistake he will come back saying sorry and asks anguri to serve dineer as she is very hungry and also asks her to give a glass of milk as sho lost weight while hitting tiwari and a glass of milk will keep her maintained
Vibhuti is seen at the tea stall having liquor and there comes tiwari and vibhuti asks tiwari wat r u doing here and tiwari says tat amaji hit me badly as anguri and amaji thinks tat I m having an affair and vibhuti says she did it right u have to be thrown out and tiwari says wat do u know and vibhuti says mw and bhabhiji were trying to find out with whom u r having an affair as u were singing songs for someone in ur dreams and he asks how did u see it u entered my room and vibhuti says tat anguri bhabhi called me so I came and tiwari then says u r also none the less u have 2 to 3 girl friends u have accepted it and vibhuti says I was lieing so tat u could tell me about ur girlfriend and he says anu heard me talking to anguri and so she asked me to leave house and they both sit and drink liqor together

Anguri is thinking tat where must be tiwari now amaji shouldn’t have make him out of house bell rangs and Anguri opens door and asks who do u want and he tells tat I m sweety agarwal and I want to meet manmohan tiwari and he says tat I daily talk to him as I m also going to start undergarments business and I used to daily call him and anguri then gets all the links and then she asks sweety agarwal to come with her and she goes to anitas house where anita is talking how could u do this vibhu I m very hurt and anguri comes and asks anita if she has seen tiwari and anita says no and then she asks where is vibhuti and anita says no I made him leave the house as he was having affair with senorita and sweety and anguri says no u have misunderstood he is sweety and anita says tat wat vibhuti was having affair with a man and anguri then asks sweety to close his ears and tell anita everything and then anita says I made really a big mistake and they decide to find them.

Anita is saying sorry and vibhuti says no I will not enough is enough and then anguri says sorry to vibhuti but he also says no I will not come.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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