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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu looking at anguris photo and saying phrases for her. Anguri enters and continues saying tiwari is a fool and he is a servant. Vibhu tells how are you anguri. Anguri says she cant tell as in which nagic he has put her into because she hates tiwari and she cant live without him(vibhu). Vibhu says what are you saying and anita is inside. Anguri says she wants to say something and should she say? Vibhu says please say and go as anita is in. Anguri says should she say? Vibhu says please quick. Anguri says should she say and blushes. Vibhu gets annoyed and says please be quick. Anguri starts dancing on the song i love you. Then anita comes and sees this. She gets angry and says she will kill him and she goes in. Vibhu cries and says to anguri that you have destroyed

my love life with anita. Anguri says i love you. Vibhu looks up happily. Anita comes with a knife. Vibhu says dont kill me and i will do the servants work. Anguri says i love you again. Vibhu looks up and anita stabs knife in his stomach and kills him. Anguri and anita dance and hug each other saying yes vibhu is killed. Vibhu is looking up dead with knife in stomach. Then vibhu opesn eyes and sees it was dream and sees anita beside him. She asks what happened? Vibhu says it was a dangerous romantic dream. Anita says what? Vibhu says like beauty and the beast.
At tea stall malkhan tells tika why are they saying them brother? Malkhan tells him that you already look like brother. Tika tells shut up and where does he look like a hero. Happu singh comes without wearing police uniform. Tika and malkhan tell him what happened and is he on holiday. Happu singh tells he has been suspended from duty by the commissioner. They says what and he is jobless too and must have been caught taking bribe so he removed you. Happu singh gets up angrily and pulls tika by collar and says shut up and what is he saying? Tika shouts at him and says leave my collar. Mallhan also gets up and they both tell him that he is not a police now and they can easily hit him. Happu singh gets scared and says what are they saying and he was joking. They say wait now they will show and they pick shows to hit him. Happu singh runs and they both run behind him throwing shoes. Saxena stops tika and malkhan and tell what happened? They tell this happu singh was challenging them. Then saxena tells leave him and asks them whats up. They tell all gurls in kanpur are calling them brother. Saxena says oh and he hypnotizes them again and tells them to say sister to all women in kanpur. They start saying. Anita sees and says how did tika and malkhan become good. Saxena tells he hypnotized them. Anita says surprisingly what? Saxena says and he taught it to vibhu also. Anita says oh and says teach me too please. Saxena says ok.
At night anita and vibhu are sitting. Vibhu is reading book. Anita says stop that and do something else or romance. Vibhu says atleast this book is better than her magazine and why does she read it. Anita says to come close to you and vibhu asks how? Anita tells him i will show you as he is a devil and she pulls him on the bed. Vibhu says show. Anita removes a crystal pendant and says see i brought this 22 carat gold pendant and she hypnotizes him. She then asks him whom did he hypnotize after learning this from saxena. Vibhu tells he hypnotized anguri. And anita asks and what else did he do? He tells he hypnotized ger against tiwari and made her hit him and throw him out if the house. Anita says and what does he think about her. He tells that she forces him to romance at any time and makes him servant and so he hates her for that. Anita gets angry and asks what else? Vibhu is saying but she says enough and brings him back to normal. Vibhu then tells wow this pendant is nice and wear it. Anita tells she knows evetything he did. vibhu is shocked and he tells forget it and lest romance. Anita says yes she will show him and she locks him in bathroom and sleeps.
At tea stall in morning, saxena comes and asks tika and malkhan that did they make all women sisters? They both says yes. Saxena thinks they are still hypnotized. Tika and malkhan tell him that now they want to give him a gift for making them good.  They pull him in between and start hitting and punching. Saxena is smiling and saying i like it. Happu singh also comes and joins in hittinh him saying he suspended him and now he doesnt have a single money. Tiwari comes and asks them why are they hitting saxena? They all tell what saxena did. Saxena tells he even tauht it to vibhuti. Then tiwari says ok continue and after they finish tell him and saxena sits on tea stall. Saxena tells boys come on continue. Tiwari thinks even i will learn this and take revenge from vibhuti.
At anitas house, tiwari goes and sits. Anita welcomes him. She tells him how is he ? Tiwari says good and that he has learnt a new game. She says wow what is that? Tiwati removes pendant and starts hypnotizing anita. He says now you will listen to me as i say and do that. Tiwari tells vibhuti is useless and the worst person in this world and she will give divorce to him first and throw him out of the house. But before that she will hit him with a stick and then give divorce. Anita then tells vibhu has been punished yesterday and she knows all about hypnotizing. She tells tiwari now go as vibhu has been punished. Tiwari says ok and sorry and goes smiling but is angry.

Precap: tiwari brings gajra at anitas house and is smelling it and eating pan. Anita is dancing on some song. Vibhu is told by a guru that his life will be getting worse in the coming days. Vibhu asks what to do then? Guru tells wash clothes and utensils and sweeping. Vibhu says he does that everyday. Guru tells not only at his house but now at everybody’s. Vibhu gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Ha ha ha ha…..
    Funny episode….
    Khub maza aaya tiwari and vibhu ki haalat dekh kr….
    Or waiting for monday episode vo to or bhi mazedar hoga…

  2. Bhabiji gharpar hai has got really famous…nd its soo good i love anguri nd anita

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