Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri and anita sitting in burkha’s at the tea stall. They remove the cover and anita says vibhu got beaten so bad today and what to do? Anguri says yes even Tiwari got beaten by tika and tilu and now they all have made separate gangs. Anita and anguri say yes this fight is stretching and they got beaten. anguri says yes do you have a plan? Anita says yes. Tiwari and vibhu come Injured in pain and anguri and anita cover themselves. Tiwari and vibhu sit and say that did hurt. Vibhu says yes and says what can we do? And they all have made separate gangs and in the name of supporting anguri and anita, they are beating us. Anita and anguri go. Tiwari and vibhu say we have to try and convince anita and anguri again to stop this fight.
There tilu and tika are

sitting and gulfam kali comes. Tilu starts etaisng her and says gulfam you look hot today and holds her by her hand. Gulfam kali says I do and even you look hot but leave my hand please. Tilu says no I wont and I want you now. Gulfam smiles and prem comes and gets angry when he sees tilu teasing gulfam kali. He says how dare you touch her and she is mine. Tilu and tika say who are you to tell us? And we will beat you up now. Prem says you will beat me? I will tell you wait. Tilu and tika overpower prem and beat him. Prem is beaten badly and he falls down. Tika and tilu say dare you challenge gore gang. They go and gulfam says he was teasing me so nicely and prem came, she goes too. Malkhan and saxena come and they pick prem and say what happened? Prem is angry and he says thos tika and tilu beat me and I will take revenge from them for this. Malkhan and saxena say wait brother and join our gang and even we are taking revenge from them and we are gang who support anguri Bhabhi. Prem says okay I will join you.
There at home vibhu is sitting beside anita and says those hoodlums beat me so bad. anita says what could I do? Vibhu says please finish this fight with anguri so that they all will stop and we wont get beaten. Anita gives cunning smile and thinks that let me take this fight a bit more so that they know totally what it was to see Tiwari and vibhu fight. Anita says okay I will see.
There uncle comes in auto and prem malkhana and saxena see and says hello uncle. Uncle says I have come to meet vibhu. Malkhan says he is from the enemy gang and don’t meet him. Uncle says why? And today I brought the 10 crore will for him. Prem says where is it? malkhan says I don’t believe you. uncle removes the will. Prem takes it and says see now, he tears it and throws it. uncle says what did you do. Prem saxena and malkhan go laughing. Vibhu comes and says uncle what are you doing? Uncle says vibhu actually I brought the 10crore will today for you and even aunt had given her signature but prem and malkhan tore it and went. Uncle says now I will go too. He goes. Vibhu sits down and starts crying.
There at home Tiwari and anguri are there and malkhan saxena and prem are there. Malkhan says let tilu and tika come and we will beat them. Tiwari says angrui please tell them not to fight. Anguri says yes and tells see malkhan don’t fight because they are coming homw with anita and vibhu as guests and we don’t insult guests. Everyone say okay. Then vibhu and anita and tika and tilu come. Vibhu and Tiwari hug. And then they say anita and anguri come on end this fight and hug now. Anguri and anita make eye signs and then they also hug. Tiwrai says to anguri to tell all others to hug tika and tilu. Vibhu tells anita to tell tika and tilu too. Anita and anguri tell them. Tika and tilu say our sardars have hugged so its done and lets eat. Everyone then go and sit at dining table. Tika takes all the vegetable. Malkhan says you fat ass if you eat all the vegetable then what will we eat? Tika says shut up and I am the guest here so I will eat it first. Tilu says yes that’s true. Prem says you are characterless tika and look at yourself in the mirror you look like a douchebag. Tika says I will beat you up now. Malkhan says oh shut up and if I hit you with my hockey stick you will be nowhere to be seen. Tilu says how will you beat him when I am here? And wait I will show you. Tiwari and vibhu try to pacify but saxena says come on fight and beat these butt holes. Everyone pick their sticks and hockey bats and starts fighting. Anguri and anita run away outside the house. Tilu and malkhan come out fighting and they go fighting. Happu singh comes and anita says good you came and go and stop that fight. Happu says okay I will go and he goes inside. Some noise of screams come and then everything is silent. Anguri and anita say why is everything sounding quiet now? They both go in. both see everything messed and happu singh, Tiwari and vibhu fallen on the ground beaten and unconscious.

Precap: at the tea stall, Tiwari and vibhu and anita and anguri are in burkha and vibhu says anita do something to stop this gang war. Anita says yes I have an idea and she calls jagdish ji from lucknow and says please come here and we need you to stop this fight. Akshay kumar comes as he is jagdish and has come for promoting jolly llb 2.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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