Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari and vibhuti having a drink and they say that after many days
they are sitting n chatting. tiwari says not many days just after a month. he says yes but it seems
like many days. they sit an talk about anita n angoori, vibhuti says angoori is nice she doesnt have any
negative quality n anita has n tiwari says that anita is nice she doesnt have any negative quality n angoori has
many negative qualities. anita calls out to vibhuti n says come back if u are finished with ur chats n drinks.
vibhuti says yes coming n says to tiwari that this is anita just controls me. they go.Next day tiwari is talking
to ammaji on phone n tells her that angoori has kept maun vrath so she cant talk n angoori comes n
ammaji asks him to give

her the phone n she blesses her but angoori just nods n tiwari takes phone n tells ammaji
that she said ok. ammaji tells him that dont let angoori’s maun vrath break n tiwari says i wont but this vibhuti
will irritate her n it may break.He says ok n keeps the call n says that now ammaji will eat my head till angoori’s
fast won’t finish. he asks her to get tea but she shows him her hand n he says i forgot that u are hurt. anita is
talking to a financer for her business n she says if u finance i ll spread my grooming classes in each n every part
of the world. she says yes money will be yours n brain will be mine n says let me know about ur decision. vibhuti asks
whom was she talking to n she says to Mr. Agarwal n says he may finance me for grooming classes n it would be very nice.
vibhuti says that why do u need financer n says i ll finance ur company in another 2-3 years. she makes fun of him n says in next
birth also u wont be able to do it. she goes. he says i ll make crores n show u. angoori is watering plants but not singing
n vibhuti comes n says hi n asks how is she. she doesnt respond n he thinks n she doesnt want to talk to her.he says that why u are not talking to me. please talk.tiwari comes n asks angoori to go in. she being helpless for not telling the reason to him goes in n he says that she doesnt want to talk to him n is irritated of him n he goes. vibhuti is sad at night n anita tells him that she got the financier n he is going to finance. vibhuti says ok. anita says he should be happy n says that u are jealous of me thats why u didnt congratulate me well. he says what the hell how can you think like this about me. she says yes u are like this n she says i dont want to talk to u n sleeps. he goes out in balcony n calls angoori n says why arent u talking to me please talk n she wakes tiwari n he says whats the problem n tiwari talks to vibhuti n he says that she doesnt want to talk to u so dont call. he keeps the call. vibhuti gets sad.
next day morning he says goes to angoori’s kitchen n asks her to speak to him but she cant speak to him being helpless. saxena comes n vibhuti asks him to tell angoori to talk to him. saxena says that she doesnt want to talk to u n angoori says to saxena by acting that i will hit u if u say rubbish to vibhuti but he misunderstands it n says that angoori told him to hit vibhtui. she goes being fed up. vibhuti says that how can u hit me saxena i am ur friend n dont hit me. The episode ends.

Precap: Vibhuti stands outside the balcony on the roof top n says to angoori that i ll jump from here n says that to her that just say once
sahi pakde hain n then i ll jump. angoori being helpless just makes faces that dont jump n anita comes n shouts.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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