Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhuti says Amma is right, marry him before papa comes,Anita says no Dadu ma will not go any where,uncle says why are you against it,anguri says his is wrong,uncle says but I love indumati,Vibhuti says not here do this in Dubai,Anita says Vibhu where is happu Singh,happu walks in,Vibhuti says look papa is here,happu says who is the one who wants to marry my wife,Anita says this uncle,happu says why do you want to marry my wife,uncle says she is indumati and you have no right to trouble her,Vibhuti says especially at night,Tiwari says papa let Amma marry uncle,happu says shutup don’t you have some moral,this man is insulting your father and you indumati what all is this,what is in him that I don’t have.

Indumati says let it be you have nothing,happu about to slap him,uncle

says if you touch her I will call commissioner he is good friend of mine,happu says you can keep indumati and leaves,Anita says no ways,Tiwari says take Amma with you now uncle,Indumati says yes I will go in doli now,anguri says no ways,uncle says what if I give you each 2 lakhs,Tiwari says u will make doli arrangements, Anita says no ways.

Anguri says Anita this happu is so coward,Anita says true,anguri says even Tiwari and Vibhuti supported uncle,Anita says why not after 2 lakhs but I will not let this happen,malkhan says bhabhi what about my job,anguri says even if your boss marries Saxena your job is going,malkhan says I will kill my self if I lose job.

Whole house decorated for wedding,malkhan says look this is decoration of my success tikka,tikka says I will miss you but,malkhan says please don’t cry, I will call you to me once I’m set,tikka says I know you will forget me,everyone joins them.tiwari calls Saxena come out,Vibhuti says have you lost it call Amma,Tiwari says this man my Amma,Vibhuti says Amma come out,anguri says please stop it,Anita says yes please,Vibhuti says stop it we are losing nothing.

Amma and uncle come out all dressed,even happu Singh comes and joins them,fakirchand says come come take a seat,Vibhuti says let’s begin the function,now our inseparable couple tikka and malkhan will perform,tikka sings sing and malkhan performs,happu asks how was my performance anitaji,Anita says over acting,Vibhuti says how anguri bhabhi and Manmohan will perform,anguri says I won’t perform,Vibhuti says Anu come let us dancer Anita says this is wrong,Vibhuti says its profitable let us dance,fakirchand asks why is no one dancing,Vibhuti says gals are little shy,fakirchand says but you two aren’t go ahead,Tiwari and Vibhuti start performing.

Fakirchand and indumati busy into each other,indumati says I will marry only when my daughter in laws will dance,malkhan falls in their feet and says plead bhabhiji for my sake,anguri says ok let’s go anitaji,anguri and Anita start performing,Tiwari and Vibhuti praise their respective bhabhis. Fakirchand says indumati your children are so well behaved and dance so well,indumati says I dance well too,fakirchand says I will see your dance in person in our room,indumati no let’s dance here and Amma and uncle perform.happu Singh joins them,Anita says we have all society of mad people here.

Fakirchand says how does this man dance so excitingly in his wife’s wedding,happu says this is because you will keep her very happy but what about from her side, Vibhuti says let’s complete the ring ceremony.

Tiwari,Vibhuti and Pelu having drinks, Vibhuti says Tiwariji let’s start this business if fake family and help guys like tikka and malkhan and also give and add in newspaper,Tiwari says this is very genius idea,Vibhuti says all thanks to uncles 2 lakhs, and do you think I really will have an cutlery business,I mean give me a break,Tiwari says with 2 lakhs what you want a steal plant, a man under blanket crying beside them,Vibhuti asks who is this here,tikka says its me bhaiya please help me and ask uncle to give me a job too,send me Dubai too,Tiwari says talk to malkhan,tikka says after his new job his colours are changed,Vibhuti says sorry we can’t help.

Vibhuti next morning walks to anguri and asks why upset what’s wrong, anguri says my new sweater lost its shine now Tiwari will shout me,Vibhuti says use easy liquid detergent and ask Tiwari to get you tHat,anguri says thanku let me inform him and leaves.

Pre cap : Saxena gets Shaan in rickshaw,Vibhuti says wow Shaan in our society,I’m Vibhuti Mishra,Shaan says off course the jobless Vibhuti.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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