Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita seeing the ghost getting disapperared n she saying oh my god n running to vibhuti n calling him. Tiwari says anita i have come here see i have come here. Anita comes n calls vibhuti n asks him what happened? She says to tiwari that shut up i can see n asks vibhuti that what happened? Vibhuti comes out of his hypnotisation n says i dont know what happened i dont remember anything. Tiwari says dont act u were behind a woman. Anita shouts at tiwari n says that i know my husband well. Next day everyone is at tiwari’s home n saxena is trying to find out how the evil spirit has come.
Tiwari says to vibhuti dint u find any other girl to romance. Vibhuti says shut up i am not behind her. Anita says dont say anything to my husband he is very nice. Angoori

also supports him. Vibhuti says thank u angoori. Saxena behaves like a spirit is gone in him. He says that the spirit behind vibhuti is very bad n today night he will tell her to leave vibhuti.
In the night the spirit comes again and vibhuti is lured again by that spirit. Anita calls everyone with saxena outside the house. She shows them that spirit of the woman whi is singing a song. Then they all come behind vibhuti and see her. She walks ahead. She then stops singing and says that they will go on a romantic date, only she and vibhuti but saxena interrupts and says he too.
Then the spirit get angry. Saxena tells her that who is she and why is she here? And what does she want from vibhuti? Then the spirit says that she was a dancer and vibhutis grandfather used to come at her to watch her dance and her body. Anita gets angry at vibhu and she asks that spirit that what else did his grandfather do? Spirit says that he used to look at her romantically and that he had given the 3 ships he owned to her on her name. She then tells that even vibhu used to catch the finger of his grandfather and watch her dance. Then tiwari says that this means the whole family was characterless. Vibhuti looks at him. Then saxena tells the spirit that why is she disturbing vibhuti and if she does then he will not leave her. She tells not to shout on her. Saxena tells that if she doesnt go from there in 3 seconds then he will say such a mantra that she will die in flames.
Saxena counts till 1 but the spirit goes away. Then saxena tells everyone that see the spirit has gone and it will never come again.
Then anita goes away angrily and vibhu goes away behind her to convince her. Anguri goes too. Saxena says that whatever it must be but that spirit was very s*xy and he goes. Tiwari goes too.
Next day, anguris dad comes on his scooter. The song from kabhi khushie kabhi gum plays. Anguri goes running and hugs her dad. Then she tells dad that let him forgive tiwari. Then dad tells he just wants to forgive him for her sake. Then anguri calls tiwari. Tiwari comes and says daddy daddy when suddenly a ghost enters his body and tiwari feels some shocks and then he tells dad that he will nt ask for forgiveness. Then tiwari says that dad is a fat bull. Both anguri and dad are shocked to hear this. Then dad asks what is tiwari saying? Tiwari then tells him to shut up and says to get lost. Then dad ask anguri that did she call him to get insulted by tiwari?. Tiwari says he is worth it. Anguri tells dad to go and she will talk to him later. Dad goes away. Then suddenly the ghost inside tiwari goes and tiwari becomes normal. Anguri looks at him angrily. Tiwari says where did dad go?. Anguri goes away angrily banging the gate. He says what has he done?.
At night tiwari asks anguri what did he do? Anguri says he has done nothing? Then he asks why isnt she talking to him? She says because he insulted her father. Tiwari says when did he do that. Anguri goes away from the bedroom angrily. Tiwari says he hasnt done anything. A ghost goes walking from behind anguri.
Then at night at anitas home anita is angry with vibhu. She tells that even his grandfather was so cheap. He says what could have he done. She tells him that he was cheap too. Then he tells that he was just a child and he used to catch his grandfathers finger and go. Then he tells he had to go with grandfather because his dad was not with him as he used to go somewehere else. Anita asks where? He says somewhere to see another dance. Then anita says he was cheap too. He tells what could he do. He telks her to stop this now and that he is not kike this now. Anita goes away. Then vibhuti says to himself that being sometimes characterless is not bad. At the balocny vibhuti sees anguri dancing sensously. He is shocked.

Precap: anguris says i love you to vibhu. Vibhu is flammoxed and says he cant accept this. There anita says i love you to tiwari and tells him to leave anguri. Whereas the real anita and vibhuti look from the balocny and shout at tiwari telling him that the woman beside him is a spirit.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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