Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari in sleep and he is having a bad dream. Tiwari shrieks and then gets up and is scared and screams. Anguri asks what happened? Tiwari says he had a bad dream and it was about bhabhiji. Anguri says what and which bhabhiji, Tiwari says it was about anita Bhabhi. Anguri says what did you see? Tiwari says that I saw her dancing with vibhus pyjamas. Anguri says what and why would she do this? Tiwari says I don’t know. Anguri says okay forget it and sleep.
Next day vibhu is drying clothes on rope and says he has not yet seen anguri and is eager. Anguri comes in her balcony, vibhu says she came and says hello to anguri. Anguri and vibhu are talking when vibhus pyjama falls down, vibhu calls for tika malkhan but they are not there. Anita comes from a walk and

vibhu tells anita to bring his pyjama while she is coming up. Anita says okay and picks the pyjamay, suddenly she sees there is a rat and starts jumping from fear and pelu starts a song, anguri sees that anita is dancing, then she recalls tiwaris dream and she calls Tiwari out. Tiwari comes out and sees anita dancing from fear with vibhus pyjama. He tells anguri that see his dream came true. Anguri says yes.
At night Tiwari is sleeping and dreaming and he gets up again from fear and is scared. Anguri says why are you scared and did u see another dream? Tiwari says yes. Anguri says what did u see. Tiwari says this time he saw that vibhu had shaving cream on his face and he was walking on the street at night and then he gets beaten by many people at night. Anguri says what a weird dream. Tiwari says he is getting a vibe that even this dream will be true, anguri says no don’t think much and sleep. They sleep.
At anitas house vibhu and anita are romancing in bed and suddenly anita gets up and vibhu says what are you doing and spoiling a good moment. Anita says when her cheeks touched his cheek it felt as if there were rose tentacles. Vibhu says I shaved today in the morning, anita says go shave now and then we will romance. Vibhu says okay and goes in bathroom o shave, there a rats noise comes and anita sees down, the rat is caught in the trap, anita calls vibhu and says throw this rat out and it got caught and I am scared of this. Vibhu says he is having shaving cream on his face, anita says its okay go now and throw it. Vibhu says okay and takes the tra and goes out on the street. There tika and malkhan and happu sing are coming, happu sees vibhu and thinks it’s the white beard thief and they should catch him. Happu says to tika and malkhan that lets bash this thief. They all go and start bashing vibhu, other men jon in, there is noise and Tiwari and anguri come at their balcony ad watch this, tika says everyone to stop as on the face its shaving cream, they see its vibhu. Vibhu slaps tika and malkhan and scolds happu singh and goes. Tiwari there is shocked and looks at anguri.
Next day vibhu comes at the lawn and is talking with anguri. Anguri tells vibhu about tiwaris dreams and how they all became true, vibhu says wow that’s a co incidence and this is weird how Tiwari is getting those dreams. Vibhu goes.
Tiwari there goes at anitas home and anita welcomes him. Tiwari tells anita about how he saw the dreams and they both were true. Anita says no its not that they became true and sometimes it happens. Tiwari thinks how do I tell her that both his dreams came true.

Precap: Tiwari gets up from a bad dream again and says no vibhu cant do this. Anguri says what happened. Tiwari calls anita at night and says he saw another dream and this time vibhu slaps her on her cheeks. Anita there is running away from vibhu as he is coming near her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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