Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,ladu is sitting outside and says to manmohan that bhaiya wat r u doing inside bathroom since half an hour and manmohan then tells him tat its none of his business and asks him to go and receive phone and he goes and manmohan then says tat now he has a chance to go and give anita this bucket full of water
Vibhuti calls his friend and tells him tat there is no water in there area and asks him to deliver a tanker full of water and he agrees to send 1 tanker and hangs up and vibhuti tells anguri tat the tanker will come here in one hour and anguri gets happy and goes to tell manmohan.
Manmohan comes out and sees tat ladu is sitting in hall and manmohan slowly comes out and comes in anguri and calls manmohan he sees him and runs inside while going inn some water

fells down he then picks up mob and wipes it anguri comes up and slips manmohan catches her they try to romance and he feels that she is heavy and asks her to get up and she asks him how did water fell here and tiwari says tat may be it should have fallen from up and anguri laughs and she says tat she will wipe it while manmohan says no no he will wipe it anguri asks y will u wipe and he asks her about water and she tells him tat vibhuti has called a tanker and it will be soon here and manmohan gets upset and anguri then goes.
Vibhuti comes home and tells anita tat he has called for a tanker and it will be soon here and anita then says tat she will inform manmohan about it and calls him and tells him tat the tanker will be here so no need of u to bring water and vibhuti talks to him and manmohan says so u r doing this all and vibhuti says yes y r u so jealous and they hang up.anita says to vibhuti tat u talk so badly and vibhuti says tat its just boys talk and nothing
Manmohan then decides tat he will give this bucket of water to anita and then calls ladu and tells him tat go and tell everyone in our colony tat a tanker is coming and u all can take as much as water u can and anguri comes there and tells yes this is a good work and then ladu says tat bhabhi ma if u says I will go and tell everyone and anguri then says to manmohan tat u r such a nice person .
Anguri is keeping the utencils outside so as to take water as soon as the tanker comes but vibhuti is seen running behind one man asking him to give the water back as it is for him but he doesn’t and anguri stops vibhuti and asks wat happened he says tat someone told everyone in colony and everyone looted the tanker and now there is no water and vibhuti starts cursing the one who told everyone and anguri asks him to not to do so and atleast all thers got water and then she asks him to call his friend and ask him to send one more tanker and he calls his friend and he hangs up and vibhuti then tells tat he will call u when tanker comes.
Vibhuti goes to his house and anita says tat u cant do a single work properly and then decides to call manmohan she calls and asks manmohan to please send her a bucket of water and manmohan says tat anguri just used it to take bath and anita says tat she badly needs a bucket of water and manmohan says tat he still has one bucket of water and will bring for her and hangs up.
Manmohan then decides to go and takes a bucket of water and when he is leaveing saxena comes in and asks manmohan to give him water as he has got pressure and manmohan hides the bucket behind the sofa and saxena says tat he has seen tat he hide the bucket of water behind sofa manmohan says no to give water to him and then saxena blackmails him tat he will tell to anguri and then manmohan whistles constantly as listening to it saxena gets more pressure and he runs out.
Anguri sees it and asks him y is he whistling and he says tat he is whistling for her as she looks very beautiful and then she shies and runs inside manmohan again makes an attempt to take the bucket to anitas house but there comes ladu and manmohan asks him to go and ladu then says tat he will tell this to anguri bhabhi and goes to tell her and tiil then manmohan decides to hide it somewhere else and ladu goes and tell anguri tat manmohan bhaiya is hiding a bucket of water anguri comes down and asks manmohan tat is he hididng a bucket of water and he says no I m not and this ladu has gone crazy and ladu says no bhabhi ma I saw it behind the sofa and manmohan then sasy go and see if u doubt and anguri n ladu go and see there is no bucket after some time comes anita and asks manmohan tat he has not come yet and manmohan says tat he will come soon and anita leaves and then manmohan shouts at anguri to go and do some work anguri says tat there is no water so there is no work and manmohan says tat come I will give u some work and manmohan goes upstairs and call anguri and says tat see the bed is messed up and as there is not water he wants to rest so asks her to clean it up and anguri starts working.
Manmohan reaches anitas house and calls her tat he has brought a bucket of water for her anita comes out ready and tells manmohan tat she has took bath as there was some water and then manmohan asks so for whom were u asking me to bring this water and comes out vibhuti and says tat it was for him and seeing this manmohan gets so angry that he pours the entire bucket of water on himself anita and vibhuti keep looking at tiwari in shock.

Vibhuti sees from his terrace tat anguri is drinking something from bottole he thinks that its liquor and gets shocked to see it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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