Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhuti says it’s curfew out n u n me here,come lets dance. Anita on call with Meenal says oh Anurag is home good, u don’t take risk come here safely,Tiwari says lets begin the party,Anita says cake is with Vibhu n he is at ur house,Tiwari says cake cutting is old, lets do something new,lets cut some fruits,aniat says no we have nothing home, u are so weird who cuts fruits on bday, Vibhu got me cake n u,how meaningless. Vibhuti says anguri bhabhi take a seat,anguri says when will this curfew go,Vibhuti says relax, anguri says I’m worried for Tiwari,Vibhuti says he is safe at my house,which sing u like lets dance,anguri says no I don’t want to,Anita calls Vibhuti N says Come get cake, u are just a road away,Vibhuti says I am worried for bhabhiji,Anita says get her

too,Vibhuti says bhabhiji would u like to run with me to my house for party,anguri says yes sure, Vibhuti says Anu bhabhiji is ready,Anita says ok I will come out u come soon.

Vibhuti says so anguri bhabhi we have to elope,n suppose if we meet some goons on our way,u jump on me,anguri says what’s wrong with u,Vibhuti says lets dance,anguri says oh I don’t feel like. Tika Malkha hiding at tea stall,Malkha says how long will we hide like this, lets go party,Tika says ur right, the raid looks safe lets go,both come out n the men hit them again.anita n Tiwari come out,near gate,Anita calls Vibhu n steps out of gate,Tiwari says it’s curfew,Anita says u are so coward,go back,Tiwari says no I will stay,Anita shouts Vibhu come out,no one is here,anguri says go in if some people come,Anita says is safe come soon,anguri n Vibhuti step out,Vibhuti says wow Anu baby u looking gorgeous, yeh ,en come there,Anita rushes to anguris house n anguri, Tiwari n Vibhuti to vibhus house.

Anita says oh no why did I come here n others are at my house,I’m alone here now.tiwari says Anita bhabhi is at my house what will we do now,Vibhuti says anguri bhabhi u act as Anita n cut the cake,tiwari says have u lost it,we won’t cut cake without Anita bhabhi. Aniat hears some noise in kitchen n hides,prem comes there, Anita kicks him,prem says hi it’s me,I was coming to ur house for party but those men hit me n I some how came here,Anita says sad.prem says here’s ur bday gift,Anita says thanku,prem dances on bday song,prem asks n did Vibhuti really look after all finance, Anita says yes,prem says u know even in college he use to take money from me for ur parties,Anita says u plz sit quite,prem says I love to talk,Anita says shutup plz,prem says Vibhuti didn’t take money from me this time but I’m sure he must have asked someone else for it.

Vibhuti says bhabhiji dance,Tiwari says what are u saying,Vibhuti says bhabhiji wanted to dance so I said, anguri says I will dance when the party will be on or else I won’t, Anita calls Vibhuti n says prem is here with me,n tell me where did u get money from party, hope it’s not a loan,Vibhuti says no baby it’s my money, why did u go there,Anita says I ran blindly, anyways I can’t stand prem get me to my home,Vibhuti says stay away from prem,I will think something. Prem says bhabhi curfew will go soon don’t worry, I’m here with u.

Vibhuti says Tiwari why u told Anu abt money,Tiwari says I didn’t,anguri says u,Vibhuti says don’t tell Anita plz she will be hurt, dance now,both stare at Vibhuti.malkha says Tika look what happened to us,Tika says forget that lets try again,Malkha says yes check if it’s safe,Tika says yes it’s safe lets go party,both come out,men come n hit them again.

Vibhuti in kitchen,makes a drink for himself, Tiwari walks to him n ask what a re u doing,Vibhuti says my head is aching n so just a remedie,Tiwari says party ah st started but u,Vibhuti says it’s my wife’s party,Tiwari says but my money,Vibhuti says it’s just to calm me down n haves a drink n Tiwari joins him,Tiwari says good make me one too. Prem irritating Anita,she says God he is so irritating hero must his wife be handling him,Anita says u are always involved in illegal business,prem says yes it’s in my family from generations,Anita says ok ok call police n asks when will the situation get better.

Pre cap : Vibhuti sends Anita cake through a rope,Anita seas I can’t cut cake without u,u were ncc cadet n so trained come here,Vibhuti says yes baby just for u,Tiwari thinks even I’m ncc trained.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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