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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, vibhuti says bhabhiji lets have a selfie, anguri says ok ok lets take a photo and anguri pouts and her hair blows over vibhutis face and he starts shivering, anguri says whats wrong is ur phone vibrating, vibhuti says bye will take picture later, anguri says i never understand what he does.
Anguri goes to tiwari,and says smile plz, tiwari asks why, anguri says take this rolling pin and act like its a basuri and act like Krishna, tiwari does so, anguri says u are perfect for krishnas role, i am playing radha,tiwari says anguri see i am busy u do it, anguri says how i can be someone elses radha, tiwari says anguri its just a act and i am very busy sorry, anguri says who will be my Krishna now.
Anita says vibhu i have given ur name for krishnas role, and

i am playing rukhmini, vibhu says anu i cant u know Krishna had so many gopis around him and i don’t even have one, anita says so u are saying u want girl friends, vibhuti says no anu i am not made for these traditional acts u know i played Shakespeare i am ok with those roles, anita says ya u can just play dippu mastana and raju electrician.
Vibhuti n tiwari at tea stall, tiwari says did u hear abt janmashtami act, vibhuti says yes i did, tiwari says u will be a very good kansa, vibhuti says n if u play Krishna u will still look like kansa, tiwari says forget it what is bhabhiji playing, vibhuti says rukhmini n she wanted me to play Krishna but i said no, i am sorry, anyways what is bhabhijis role, tiwari says radha, vibhuti says i am such an idiot, i will go n convince anita to make me Krishna n then bhabhiji will be my radha, tiwari thinks bhabhiji will be rukhmini wow now i will say yes for krishnas role.
Tiwari goes to anguri and says darling u were saying abt that Krishna janmashtami act, anguri says yes and u said no, tiwari says but i felt like i broke ur heart and when i am alive why will u be someone elses radha, anguri says but i took ur name back and now saxenaji will play Krishna, tiwari says that mad looks like kansa, look at me i look like Krishna, anguri says then why did u denied,anyways i will talk to other ladies and lets see if they agree.
Anita tells vibhuti that saxena will play Krishna, vibhuti says it will be an insult if saxena plays that role, tiwari enters n says i will play krishan n no one else, vibhuti says look at u, u aren’t fit look at ur stomach, i mean look at me i am so fit like Krishna, so anita say yes, anita says no, try understand saxena is finalised, happu singh entres, and says bhabhiji u can select me for krishan, anita says u too want to play Krishna, tiwari n vibhuti says no u wont, anguri says Krishnaji didn’t have fat stomach like u, malkhan and tika come and ask for krishnas role, happu singh says u two look like monkeys, pellu comes with a chit written i want to play Krishna,anguri says see even pellu is here for it.
Anita says lets make chits and whoever picks krishnajis chit will play Krishna.tiwari says i will get a glass bowl, tiwari prays to lord, god plz let me play ur role in this act so that i can be with bhabhiji,vibhuti goes to room and rights Krishna on a chit and says everything is fare in love n war, tiwari makes a Krishna chit so that he can play the role, anita shuffles the chits and everyone selects their chits, vibhuti slowly eats his chits and removes one from his sleeves, tiwari does same, tika sees his chit and says its blank, malka checks his too and its blank,happu singhs and pellu checks chit its blank too.
Vibhuti and tiwari ask eachother to open their chits, happu singh says enough open it together, anita says ok at a count of three show ur chits, vibhuti says ok 1 2 3, and both say Krishna, everyone are surprised.

Precap: anita says vibhu u shd have krishanjis quality too, don’t u know how peaceful basuri he use to play.
Vibhuti acts as if playing basuri and puts and record, anguri thinks vibhuti is playing basuri and enjoys his music.
Tiwari sees recorder cords hanging behind vibhuti.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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