Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari going and telling vibhu sunny is there and go now. Vibhu says okay, Tiwari says wear this burkha, vibhu says okay and goes. Tiwari calls tika and malkhan and tells them to go and kidnap vibhu, there anita who ran goes and wears a burkha to hide, there tika and malkhan are waiting for vibhu. Malkhan says vibhu hasn’t come yet and lets go he must be coming, anita there comes running and stops and says thank god I was saved, the reporter comes running and asks anita did u see a lady running from here? Anita says yes she went in wheat fields and go there , reporter goes. Anita says I was saved, tika malkhan come and kidnap anita mistaking her for vibhu. There vibhu removes burkha and says I am a star and goes for shooting again wearing burkha.
There tika

malkhan tie anita and put hand on her mouth, she is shouting, tika says this is someone else’s voice, malkhan says yes and who is it, they remove hand and anita shouts, malkhan says its anita Bhabhi. They remove burkha, anita says what is this and you kidnapped me and you do such things? Tika malkhan say that Tiwari told them to kidnap vibhu and they kidnapped her by mistake, anita thinks that these idiots have been hired for the job. She goes, tika slaps malkhan and malkhan slaps tika.
Tiwari is front of his house on street walking, he says vibhu must be kidnapped by now. Suddenly vibhu comes in burkha, Tiwari shrieks and says how did you come here? Vibhu says nothing happened to sunny and why did u lie? Tiwari says I saw in news and maybe it was a rumour. Vibhu says from next time I don’t want to hear anything from you.
At night vibhu is getting ready. Anita says sorry to vibhu and says I wont interfere in your life again and you can do anything with sunny. She goes, vibhu says what happened to her. In the balcony, anita goes and says to Tiwari that those dumb tika malkhan kidnapped me mistaking me for vibhu.tiwari says I will do something, anita says no leave it. Anita goes.
Next day in morning vibhu is mopping the floor, anguri comes saying that where is vibhu superstar, vibhu says I am here. Anguri says I made badam halwa for u, Tiwari comes saying I am hungry and where is breakfast, anguri says I made halwa for vibhu. Anita comes. Director of the movie comes too, vibhu tells the director that actually he wont be doing the movie as his wife is not okay with it and he cant go against her will, anita is happy. Director says I came to tell u the same that all producers rejected u as you are worthless and don’t have acting so go away. Director goes. Sunny calls vibhu and tells she is sorry but she hopes they get an opportunity to work in future, vibhu says sure and keeps the phone. Anita hugs him and vibhu says I love u. saxena comes saying some Hollywood director wants him in a movie, everyone is looking at each othe, Tiwari says I hate lies, vibhu slaps saxena , saxena says I like it.
Next day at anguris house, vibhu goes. Anguri says welcome and vibhu says actually what happened was the producer was jealous of my and sunny leones chemistry so he did not sign me. Anguri says whatever happened she is sad, vibhu says yes and says I have come to eat badam halwa made of your hand. Anguri says sure and goes in the kitchen to bring the bowl. Tiwari comes down and says what are you doing in my house, vibhu says I came to eat halwa from bhabhijis hand, Tiwari says you are not worth it, vibhu says I already ate it 2 times and will eat it again. Anguri comes with the bowl, Tiwari says you dare give it to this jobless man, vibhu says its okay and I will go. Vibhu gets up and steals the bowl and runs and goes out, Tiwari goes and vibhu gets out, anguri jumps and says yes vibhu won, tiwaris scolds her. Anguri goes in.
At tea stall, vibhu says that what a turn of evenst and they did not take him. Tika and malkhan come dancing and tease vibhu for that, they then sit. Tika asks superstar how are you? Malkhan says he is not a superstar anymore. Vibhu is angry. Malkhan says he has become zero from a hero, vibhu slaps them both thrice. Happu comes and says stop and makes vibhu sit, he asks what happened? Malkhan says vibhu became zero from a hero and he is removing the anger on us. Happu says why are you doing this and it’s the truth and leave it. Vibhu says stay in your pants, happu says I am in my pants and sunny must be missing me. Vibhu says shut up and she threw you out of the house, happu says it was saxena and not sunny. Vibhu says she did not even spit on you, happu says leave it and I have complaints from some people and when you were with sunny you went in 5 star hotels and how did u pay? Vibhu says I took loan from some people and I will return it. Tika and malkhan sinag a song saying you became zero from a hero, vibhu gets up and slaps them and goes.

Precap: anguri says her dad was saved and came out from the icu but he doesn’t remember about her marriage and Tiwari ran with her anything. Tiwari says so what? Anguri says he wants me to get married as he thinks I am not married.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    Full of laughter and kiddnapping of tiwari and anita were best secens and vibhu’s dialogue- Gosh, i hate lights was most funny…. ???????

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