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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu at night singing and ironing clothes. Anita comes and says you are sure you washed because this stain is not removing. Vibhu says I tired but it could not be removed. Anita says I am noticing that you are not doing anything properly and washing clothes, utensils and even making food. Vibhu is that so? Anita says yes. Vibhu says I am tired of this and annoyed from you and people laugh at me whenever I do this work but still I do it and you don’t respect that. If you fill air too much in a balloon then it bursts and from now I am not going to do any work in this house. Vibhu goes in the balcony, anita thinks he became serious and she goes to vibhu. Anita tells its okay and if the stain was not removed then its okay and do it next time and chill and I am sorry.

Vibhu says no, I am sory and genuinely seriously sorry and I am not doing any work in this house from now and these are your hands and iron your clothes yourself from now on. Vibhu goes. Anita says I was too serious with him and what have I done?
At home anguri and Tiwari are in bedroom. Anguri says what if I come at your shop and help you in selling undergarments? Tiwari says no baby and its okay and it will not be nice of you to come there as I can do it myself and your beautiful hands shouldn’t do this outside. Anguri says okay and giggles, Tiwari says go make tea. Anguri says okay and goes, Tiwari says what madness is filled in her barin and she wants to sell undergarments suddenly.
Next day at tea stall, vibhu and Tiwari are drinking tea. Tiwari says you are so useless and you have trapped a fair nice woman and married her. Vibhu says look at yourself and you are not worth staying with anguri and even you have trapped an innocent woman in your life. Happu singh comes and cant control his scooter and he crashes into a shop. Vibhu and Tiwari laugh. Happu sits at tea stall, tika and malkhan and the doctor come. Happu singh says nowadays a new thug has come and he tells all men to change their daily routine with women and the men have to wear ladies clothes and do their work and the women have to wear the mens clothes and do their work. Vibhu and Tiwari say what? Happu says yes and he kills those who don’t listen to him as he sends letter to those houses and he has sent me a letter to tell the men in our town to dress up in women clothes. Everyone is scared. Doctor says I cant do this and goes. Vibhu says I cant do this and says why should we be women. Happu says he will kill you and even commissioner is doing it.
At home next day vibhu dresses as woman. Anita comes and says oh my god and I never knew this truth about you and you are homos*xual? Why did you do this? Vibhu says oh shut up and first listen and this thug named Manuka has come in Kanpur who hates men and he has forced all men to wear women clothes and women to wear mens clothes otherwise he may kill them. Anita says what? Vibhu switches on the television. There commissioner and happu singh are dressed as women and being interviewed as to how they are feeling being women. Anita laughs at how happu looks and says this is weird and disgusting.
At home there Tiwari has dressed up as a woman dancer and says I wont cut this moustache and whenever I will go out I will cover my face so that thug thinks I am shy. Anguri comes and screams and says oh my god a dancer in my house. Tiwari says its me and anguri says oh my god you are a dancer and you don’t go to the shop but to the bar to dance? Tiwari says shut up and this new thug Manuka has come and he doesn’t like men and he had forced all men to wear women clothes and women to wears mens clothes otherwise he may kill those who don’t listen to him. Anguri says oh then its okay. Anguri says but we have to men? Tiwari says yes and I have to do your work and you have to go to the shop. Anguri says oh wow and I will go to the shop nice and you will make food.
At night Tiwari comes in balcony, vibhu coms in his balcony too and says why did you remove the wig? Tiwari says why did I even wear this and there are lice in it. vibhu says even I am disturbed from this shit and Tiwari says me too. Vibhu says you look such a chararcterless woman in this, Tiwari says as if you look of a nice character. Tiwari says even I wont do this and vibhu says even I wont. There doctor comes in an auto and is in pain, vibhu and Tiwari ask what happened? Doctor says its good you listened to that thug Manuka and I said I would not wear the clothes of a woman so that thug attacked me with a knife on my chest. But that time I bent down and the knife went into my butt. Doctor says I have done the medication but I am going to the beauty parlor to be a woman. Doctor goes. Vibhu and Tiwari wear the wig again and go in their rooms.
Next day, Tiwari is in lawn watering plants. Pelu starts the tape and a song. Tiwari starts dancing thinking Manuka is there, then he sees pelu and scolds him. Tiwari says being a woman has become tough now and I got up at 5 and made food washed clothes and utensils and now watering plants and then will make food. Vibhu there comes from buying milk and ses Tiwari, pelu stars song again. Vibhu removes his chappal and says just shut up. Pelu smiles.

Precap: anita comes dressed as a man, vibhu is shocked and amazed too. There anguri comes dressed as man.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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