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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari coming home. He tells anguri to bring breakfast. Anguri says yes and then tells that vibhu is slowly turning into a donkey. Tiwari listens and laughs and tells that i know. Anguri says when vibhu will turn into a full donkey then can i keep him? Tiwari says ofcourse and we will tie him in the lawn. Anguri is happy and goes in the kitchen. Tiwari says finally vibhu will go from anitas life.
At the tea stall vibhu is there. Prem comes with a bag. Vibhu tells give me the tail and rest and i will wear it from now. Prem says okay but tell me why are you doing this? Vibhu tells he is doing all that for anguri. Prem laughs and says you are already a donkey and goes. Vibhu takes the bag. Till then anguri and tiwari come from the market and anguri tells vibhu to

carry the load as her handa are paining. Anguri pats vibhus back and vibhu takes the bags happily. Tiwari insults him and vibhu says dont do that and they go home. At home tiwari and laddo call vibhu a donkey and tell him to go in the lawn and eat the grass as it has grown. Vibhu is angry. Anguri tells laddo to go who goes. Tiwari tells anguri that go bring water for him as he myst be tired but bring in a bucket as donkey drink in a bucket. Anguri goes to bring bucket. Tiwati is inulsting vibhu and says that now you are becoming a donkey and go from anitas life. Vibhu bends down and kicks tiwari and says that donkeys kick too. Tiwari goes away in pain. Anguri comes with a bucket. Vibhu drinks water from it as she pats him on the head.
At night at home vibhu wears the tail and sleeps. Anita at night feels the hair on the tail and asks what happened to your hand? Vibhu says nothing. Anita then sees its a tail and she screams and goes running. Vibhu gets up and smiles.
At night anita tells tiwari and anguri that vibhu has got a tail now. Tiwari laughs but tells that is sad and anita says yes she will call doctor tomorrow.
Next day vibhu gives 500rs to doctor and says act as said. Doctor says okay. Anita and tiwari come. Doctor tells that this problem is tough and i dont think anything can happen. Anita says what and i will go to some other doctor then. Tiwari laughs. Doctor says something can happen and make vibhu sit with humans and give him proper human food only and then he can be normal again. Anita says okay. Tiwari removes the scarf doctor has covered his face with. Doctor has cat hairs on face and he says it happened as cat bit him. He suddenly sees rat and eats it and then goes. Anita and tiwari are shocked. Tiwari says as doctor said keep vibhu with humans, i invite you both for dinner tonight. Anita says thanks a lot.
At night at home tiwari asks anguri is dinner ready. She says yes. Anita comes and tiwari and anguri welcome her. Tiwari asks where is vibhu? Anita tells he told he will come and has still not come. Tiwari says okay leave him we will have dinner and they sit. Anita says no and this dinner is for him and we will wait and he will come. Suddenly they hear the sound of vibhu making noise of donkey.

Precap: vibhu comes for dinner and he brings grass with him for dinner. At home anita tells happu singh that he will not take vibhu to any wild animal homes. Vibhu kicks tiwari and happu singh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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