Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saxena says ladies and gentle man,and gets a shock from mick and says I like it and continues to make this night more adventurous let’s welcome a beautiful dancer,it’s Anita,Vibhu and Tiwari shocked,amaji and Anguri shook hands,Tiwari starts enjoying himself,Anita pushes happu Singh off his chair,Anita puts Vibhutis hat in Tiwaris head,Tiwari throws money over Anita,Anguri doesn’t like it,rai enjoying Anita’s dance,Vibhuti not liking it at all,he leaves.

At Tiwari house, everyone present,Vibhu says I should have died before seeing Anita dance,Tiwari says and even me before seeing Anguri and amma gamble,amaji says then go commit suicide,Anita says you two had promised us,Tiwari says but we are addicted to gambling,Vibhu says yes I couldn’t resist myself,Anita

says I had fun dancing I will dance regularly,Vibhu says you won’t,Anita says if you will gamble,I will dance,Vibhu says anu baby I’m sorry,I swear on you I shall never gamble,and calls miss lily and says I won’t gamble and won’t come club,Anita says so Anguri shall we forgive them, Anguri says ok,Anita says last chance.

Uncle walks In and says you had promised you won’t gamble but you did go and see the will is here and tears it.
Amaji applying laddu hair oil and says why don’t you apply oil,your bhabhi was complaining too,laddu says everyone teases me,Amaji says applying oil makes you intelligent even your bhaiya applies it,laddu starts laughing and says he doesn’t look smart or intelligent from any angle,Tiwari hears this walks to laddu and slaps him,Tiwari says you will decide whether I’m intelligent or not,Anguri walks in and says here’s your breakfast and laddu your tiffin,Tiwari asks what have you cooked,Anguri says potato paratha,Tiwari says didn’t I ask you not to cook,Amaji says how dare you order her it’s not a hotel,Anguri you come with me and relax for two months,Anguri says who will look after Tiwari,Tiwari says go go I will manage or else Amaji will say I don’t allow you anywhere,laddu says bhabhi ma he will enjoy when you will leave,Amaji says I will kill you if I hear anything wrong,Tiwari says go Anguri and Amaji don’t worry I will behave myself,Vibhuti hearing all this says this can’t happen and leave upset.

Anguri singing in kitchen,Vibhu says hello and says how will I leave without my love,Anguri asks who is leaving you,Vibhu says nothing anyways how are you,Anguri says oh you know I’m going with amaji, Vibhu says don’t go actually it’s awkward but Anita needs your help,you know I’m with Anita all time and you know women needs a friend and Anita and my mom don’t get along and she finds a friend in you, I mean Anita is pregnant,Anguri says really I’m so happy, I will stay here and be with her,Vibhu says but please don’t share this news,Anguri says no I won’t and Anita will share this news some day after all I’m her friend.tiwrai listening to all this gets upset and leaves.

Anita with a doll and on call says minal you know I found the doll you had gifted me and now let me play with it and refresh my memory bye,Tiwari walks in and sees Anita play with doll,Anita says meet my princess,Tiwari asks how are you,Anita says very happy,and how about you,Tiwari says I was happy and in love but my love is crushed,Anita says I didn’t get you,Tiwari says you never get anything,Anita says are you alright,Tiwari says you won’t be alright anymore and tell me if you feel like eating anything and leaves,Anita says he really Is insane.

Anguri says amaji let me massage your foot,amaji says you work all day relax sit,Anguri says I like to serve you,amaji says you know we will leave tomorrow early morning and I want to ask Panditji when will you be pregnant,Anguri says actually I can’t come and please don’t tell anyone but Anita is pregnant and Vibhuti requested me to be with her,amaji says that’s so good god knows when will this Tiwari be father.

Amaji sees Anita run out exercising,Amaji says look at her she doesn’t look like she is gonna be mother,Anguri says but Vibhuti told me,Amaji says let me tell her,Anita come here,Anita says hello tell me,Amaji says you shouldn’t do all this in such conditions, this will have bad effect on the baby,Anita asks whose baby,Amaji says you are pregnant right,Anita asks who told you,Tiwari arrive too,Anguri says Vibhuti told me,Vibhuti walks and asks what’s up ladies,anita says so you told them I’m pregnant , Vibhu says yes I was testing her hypothetically if this situation occurs will she be with you and Anguriji you passed,Anita says it was drama are you fool,Amaji slaps him,Tiwari gets happy and says it’s nice you aren’t pregnant,

Amaji says Anguri you want come with me,Vibhu says you are right she is a busy women,looks after Tiwari laddu,cooks for them waters plants,amaji says can i talk,Tiwari take her in and I want good news by tomorrow,Tiwari says come Anguri,Anguri says I feel shy,Tiwari says come come,Anita says amaji you are so quick,Amaji says ain’t I,Anita says bye and leaves.

Pre cap : uncle says there’s wedding in London,Anita says why not invite whole colony.
Anguri says I heard it’s too cold in London let’s take all this we can keep over the plane.
Anguri says vibhutiji Amaji had called she wished she could come with us,Vibhu says with her weight plane would be over loaded.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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