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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari coming out and telling vibhu that why did you come here again bald and she will fall down unconscious. Vibhu says not because of me but look at your wall, tiwari sees the cross and screams. Anita comes and asks why are u people screaming, she then sees the cross and says yes this is the right time and this time we will catch that hair killer and put him in jail. Tiwari says yes but my hair should not go. Anita says yes that I promise. She tells tiwari to call happu singh. Tiwari calls him and tells him its an emergency come fast.
At the kitchen anguri is singing song and vibhu comes. He has worn a flower bouquet wig and anguri says what is this fake flower wig? Vibhu says I wore it for you. Anguri says it is fake so the smell of flowers wont come from that.

Vibhu says that is right but it looks like a beauty. Anguri takes a matchstick and lights it and vibhu thinks she I sgoing to burn it so he runs away. Anguri switches the gas cooker.
At frontyard anguri is going to temple and happu singh comes. He sees the cross and says this time he will bash that hair killer such that he will remember my name. Anguri comes and tells happu that she is going to the temple and guard the house and tiwari is in. happu says yes you can go. Anguri goes. Happu stands and guards the house. A man with huge hair comes and tells happu singh that he nees to meet tiwari as he has to make a 5 lakh deal with him. Happu thinks that last time at vibhus house a man came with long hair and came for 100 crore insurance and was like this guy only. He says he is only that man and he hits that man. Happu calls anita and tells he has caught the hair killer. Anita comes. That man says he is not hair killer and his uncle is the commissioner of this city. Happu says what and I did not recognize you and I am sorry, happu says you can go and do the deal. That man says no need and he goes. anita scolds happu for being careless and tells just catch the real one. Happu says yes and you go I will do my work. After sometime another man with long hair comes and tells he is here to make the deal. Happu thinks he is not hair killer and let him go, he allows him to go. The man goes in and comes after sometime and goes. Anguri comes. Happu tells tiwari is safe and he just got a deal of 5 lakh. Anguri says what and that’s nice comei will also give you breakfast. They go inj. Happu hears some noise and then he sees behind sofa and its tiwari bald and tied. He gets shocked, tiwari gets up. Anguri falls dwon unconscious. He scolds happu singh and tells what can you actually do and you cant even be a watchman. Happu says actually…tiwari scolds him and tells him to shut up and go. He goes.
At night tiwari and vibhu are sitting and drinking alcohol, vibhu says he cant even go in front of bhabhiji as she loved his hair. Tiwari looks at him angrily, vibhu says your bhabhi. Tiwari says okay. Both are crying, tiwari says I cant go in front of my love. Vibhu says me too. Pelu gets up and he tells tiwari to come there. Tiwari goes. pelu takes a matchstick and strikes it on tiwaris bald head and puts a fire. Tiwari and vibhu angry run behind pelu and hit him saying you insult us baldheads.
Next day anita is reading newspaper and she reads that more people have lost hair because of hair killer, she calls happu singh and makes him read that news. She then tells happu singh that if u don’t catch this hair killer I have a blade and see this and I will remove your hair as well as moustache. Happu is scared.

Precap: saxena is happy and tells anguri and anita that he is happy as he saw a cross outside his house today. Anita says this time we will catch this hair killer.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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