Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,at night tiwari is sleeping with anguri and snoring anguri then keeps her phone ready to record and says in her mind tat vibhuti was right eating a lot of food makes a person sleep early she then holds the mobile in hand gets asleep while tiwari wakes up and sees the mobile and keeps it aside and he holds her hand and anguri wakes up shouting and tiwari says y r u shouting I m ur husband and says tat I want to romance now and anguri says tat I m in no mood of romance pls sleep and tiwari gets angry and turns his side and sleep and anguri then keeps the phone correct and then tiwari again asks lets do romance anguri and she says pls sleep and tiwari again gets angry
Anita is thinking am I being doubtfull on vibhuti I m not giving her enough time so may be he is

finding love outside and then comes vibhuti and directly goes to sleep anita then asks him to wake up and lets do romance and vibhuti says tat I m tired and I feel very sleepy but anita insists him to lets do romance and vibhuti ignores and anita says tat u have changed so much and vibhuti says gud nyt and he sleeps and anita then says tat u will pay for this I will not talk to u
While anguri hears tat tiwari has started singing song she then calls vibhuti to tell him and vibhutis phone vibrates anita wakes up and sees tat his phone is ringing and she wakes up and says so late night calls have started I will surely find this out and then vibhuti wakes up and picks up the call anguri then tells him tat tiwari has started singing song and makes him listen and then vibhuti repeats the words of songs and anita hears it and she thinks tat this affair has gone so far I will catch u red handed and vibhuti tells to anguri tat he will come in min and he leaves and locks the room from outside and anita then wakes up and tries to follow him but finds tat the door is locked from outside and she says tat I will find u red handed next time
While anguri is sitting and recording wat tiwari is singing in his dreams and comes vibhuti and he says tat I can tell u exactly wat he is imagining in his dreams by listening the songs he is singing and then he listens tiwari singing one song and tells anguri tat he is taking a girl close to him but the girl does not wants to come close to him and then anguri cries and says tat she never expected this from tiwari and then tiwari sings another songs and vibhuti explains tat now he is letting the lady go tiwari then says tat I need to talk to tiwari personally then only we can find it out
Next day tika,malkhan,pela and tiwari are at tea stall and vibhuti comes and then asks the tea maker to give tea to tika and malkhan and tiwari also and tiwari says tat I m already having it and he then removes his mobile and starts recording and he asks tika and malkhan tat I have seen u guys wandering around girls hostel and tika says yes and vibhuti asks so don’t u have a girlfriend and malkhan says tat tika has two and then vibhuti asks tiwari tat u must also be having girlfriends tells us about it and tiwari says tat I have always loved and will love my entire life to bhabhiji and everyone gets shock and tiwari says vibhutis bhabhiji and then tiwari removes his mobile and starts recording and asks vibhuti tat do u have girlfriends and vibhuti says yes I have girlfriends Vibhuti then asks tiwari tat y r u not telling tat u have a girlfriend and tiwari says tat I don’t have any and he leaves vibhuti gets upset as he could not find the name of girlfriend of tiwari and then pela comes from behind and gives vibhuti a chit and its written tat u find me a girlfriend and I will let go the money u have to give me
Tiwari goes to meet anita and says tat he has to discus a problem and anita says tat sorry today I cant help u actually I m myself in a problem so I need help and tiwari says I m ready to help u and she says no I only have to help myself and then asks tiwari u pls tell ur problem and he tells tat he has a friend same like vibhuti and he has a wife same like u and actually the problem is tat he is having an affair and tat friend has confessed in front of me and I have recorded it and he asks anita to suggest him wat should be done further and anita asks him to go and tell his wife and tiwari then says tat I m scared tat his wife will leave her house and anita says y should she leave she should let him out of the house and tiwari asks tat just like tat I want to ask if it was u wat would u do and anita says tat I will ask vibhuti to leave.

Tiwari says on phone u r in love even I m in love and anguri hears this all and cries while vibhuti suggests anguri tat u should also do an affair I mean just acting in front of tiwari and do exactly wat I say and then vibhuti is seen talking on phone saying I love u and anita hears it and then she asks vibhu to get out of her house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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