Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th February 2018 Written Episode Update:Vibhu and Tiwari agree to perform tikkas mundan rituals.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu says Vibhu why listen to boring sad songs opt for something romantic,Vibhu says someone like me who is useless and has no love what can he do then listen to this,anu says who said who are useless don’t think all this it’s so false and listen now we got to help tikka together,Vibhu says together I guess you forgot we have separated,anu says I said that in anger and tells him tikkas story and says we got to help him and I have promised tikka,Vibhu says you promised you follow I have nothing to do with it,anu says Vibhu enough of it now,Vibhu says all the best and leaves narrating a poetry and plays music and dances behind anu.

Tiwari in call with client and says you had taken material on credit and what you don’t have money I won’t leave you,client abuses Tiwari and keeps

the call.

Anguri says here’s tea and calm down,what’s wrong,Tiwari says what will you do ignore go away,anguri says I have to talk important to you.tiwari says tell me,

Anguri says tikkas head shave has to be done with all rituals,Tiwari says but how does that matter you,anguri says he showed his kundali to pandit ramphal and if he doesn’t he shall die and the rituals have to be done by his brother and sister in law,Tiwari says so,anguri says we have to help him he requested me a lot,Tiwari says that’s the same tikka who for his wedding had made us his family and almost sold out house,anguri says yes but,Tiwari says no ways,anguri says okay let me call amaji,Tiwari says call anyone you wish to but I won’t agree.

Tikka offers anu and anguri tea at tea stall,anu says we are here to say sorry actually me and anguri have no issues but Vibhuti and Tiwari have and Vibhu didn’t because we aren’t doing well these days,anguri says and Tiwari didn’t because last time you took advantage of stituation.saxena says tikka don’t worry I will shave your head,tikka says shave my head when I’m dead now,saxena says good idea in that case I shall shave your whole body,tilu says first finish my shaving,malkhan says and you got to massage me too.

Saxena says go in bushes take off your clothes and lie on the blanket,anu says are you mad yes you are,stop it I mean it’s serious,anu says tikka don’t worry we shall find a solution,tikka says do a thing you two talk to each others husband,anu says are you sure,tikka says 100%,anguri says let’s give it a try.tikka says thank you

Master comes to saxena and says I asked you for head massage,saxena says and you slept whole I was giving one,he says then you shaved my head,don’t you have any culture,saxena says no I don’t,master gets his stick and gives saxena nice whacking,tikka says forget these disgusting guys bhabhiji let’s go.

Vibhu reading poetry and says god none of these poems worked on bhabhiji,anguri walks to him and asks how are you,Vibhu says good just reading poetry.tiwari says I’m so grateful that you are here,anu says why this over acting I have come here many times,Tiwari says what to do the heart wants you in my life,anu says why do you keep whispering be loud,Tiwari says I will give you my heart tell me,anu says do you think I’m man eater,Vibhu says bhabhiji my blood and soul is yours.anguri says I’m not a Dracula.

Vibhu asks them what if it bhabhiji.anu says tiwariji you must have heard about tikka and I sang you to be his elder brother,Vibhu says anguri bhabhi never shal I agree,anguri says for the first time I asked you for something and if you don’t agree I won’t talk to you,anu says if you don’t listen to me you will break my heart,Tiwari says I won’t,anu says thank you,Vibhu says bhabhiji your wish is my command,anguri says thanks a lot.

Tiwari and Vibhu at tea stall preparing guest list,malkhan and tilu walk to them and says look they are planning to grant tikka their wealth,Tiwari says I shall slap you,Vibhu says you two,Tiwari says ignore them,tikka walks to them and says hi guys,Vibhu says shut up we are here working for you,Happu Joins them and says so what list is this,Tiwari says quite please.

Happu says what did I do,malkhan says tikka mundan and so guest list is on the go,Vibhu says tikka who do you want to invite,tikka says I just have these two in my life,Tiwari says you can call malkhan but not this cheap man,tilu says what wrong have I done to you,Tiwari says I said you won’t,tilu says I won’t leave you.

Malkhan says tikka I love you,Vibhu says we have invited everyone I guess,happu says what have I done,Vibhu says no he is not on list,tikka you wanna call him,tikka avoids the question and all leave.malkhan says do one thing have rice and curry in your house bye.

Happu says insulted me now I shall come in programme,and teach you all a lesson.shev puri wakes bhel puri scaring him of police and says I told you so many times not to sleep anyways look I got bomb,and I know how difficult it was because police is out everywhere looking for us,bhel puri says give me a glimpse,shevpuri says sure look this the bomb which we shall plant in Kanpur express.

Pre cap: anu Vibhu and Tiwari anguri perform at the function.
Anu says after so long I’m out in a train.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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