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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita saying this saxena cant marry malkhans boss. Vibhu says yes. Saxena and malkhan come. Saxena says I will marry boss. Anita says have you gone mad? Vibhu says why do you ask such questions and he is actually mad. Saxena says now I am a female and I wanmt to marry him. Anita says we cant do anything, saxena says I like it.
At tea stall, tika is telling malkhan don’t leave him and take him to dubai. Malkhan says I cant and I have to go and don’t make me say again. Tika says so you forgot our long friendship and how we did everything together, tika is sad. Malkhan says shut up and I cant take you. Happu singh comes with a criminal. Happu says what happened? Malkhan says this tika is behind me and tell him. Happu says what is your problem tika? And first

you were behind girls now you are behind your own friend. Malkhan says yes and I am going to dubai as I got a job and he wants me to take him with me to dubai. Happu laughs and says this criminal here was going to go to Singapore and his friend asked him too but ask him what he did? Malkhan says what did you do? Man says I stabbed him with knife and he was jealous of my success. Tika is shocked. Man gives malkhan knife and says take this and stab him with knife too, malkhan takes knife, tika is scared and goes. Happu takes knife and says come on and shut your mouth. They both go. Malkhan says that I will miss tika but he should know I will make his life better when I comeback.
At home, anita tells saxena that don’t do this and you can not be a woman. Saxena says my soul is of a woman just I was born as man and I want to marry the boss and have kids, saxena says I like it. anita says I can not allow this to happen. Anguri says me too. Vibhu says look at his good spirit and let saxena be a ‘she’. Anita says no I will not allow this to happen. Boss comes and saxena says come on I am willing to marry and lets go my baby. Anita says no wait and she is married and you cant go. Boss says where is her husband? Saxena says he must be somewhere fallen drunk. Boss says then forget it lets go, anguri says no and they are not divorced it will be a problem. Boss says I want to meet him. Anita thinks from where to bring husband? They say okay.
At home everyone is there and saxena comes and says why are you looking tensed my beautiful boys? Vibhu and Tiwari slap saxena, he says I like it. Tiwari sits and says where to bring husband from? Vibhu says you become anyway I have seen you so many times with gulfam kali. Anguri is shocked. Tiwari says leave that I only caught you red handed with gulfam kali. Anita is angry. Malkhan says we should look for a husband first. Happu comes and says what is this saxena and anita says actually we are playing a drama. Tiwari says yes and says we need you too. Anita says yes and you will become the father, happu says who is wife? Saxena says I am. Anita and anguri says we need you to do the role. Happu says okay I will do it.
At night tika tells malkhan that he read a news that a boss took some people from india to dubai telling them for a job and then sold them to sheikhs. Malkhan says what? And gets a bit scared and then says I know you useless and you are trying to scare me from this news and such a selfish man you are and you are jealous of me. Malkhan goes from there.
In bedroom vibhu comes and sleeps, anita tells do you have an affair with gulfam kali? Vibhu says no and Tiwari is mad and don’t believe him he is just making you doubt me. Anita says no and I think you have. There anguri says do you have affair with gulfam? Tiwari says no that vibhu is a liar and he is already jobless so he wants to destroy my life. Vibhu tells anita Tiwari is jealous of my style and my lifestyle. Anita says what style? You are jobless and drink tea at a stall and your friend prem also is with gulfam kali. Vibhu says believe me Tiwari is a liar. Tiara tells anguri that prem is not my friend and vibhu sits with gulfam and prem. Anguri says swear on me, Tiwari says I swear, anguri says okay. There anita says I believe you this time but next time I will throw you out. As they are about to sleep, vibhus phone rings and it’s a ringtone of inhi logo ne. anita says this is your ringtone and gulfam must have ste it, vibhu says I have set it. anita is angry. Vibhu takes the phone, anita cuts it and keeps phone aside. Vibhu sleeps.
Next day morning, malkhan says come one boss has come. Everyone sit. Boss comes. Everyone say hello. Malkhan is touching legs for blessing, saxena says today I will touch him. Boss hugs saxena. They sit. Tiwari says boss you are getting too close and don’t cross limits. Boss says okay. Anita says yes and in crossing limits saxena you are forgetting about your husband. Saxena says its no use and he is always drunk and even I want someone to play with. Everyone is stunned.

Precap: it is saxena and boss sangeet.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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