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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhuti sleeping n suddenly some air comes on his face. He gets up n sees his grandfather saying about a box n he again disappears n vibhuti shouts dadaji. Anita wakes up n asks him what happened? He says his grandfather came in dream n tells about the old box which has jeweller upto 50 lacs cost. She says where is it n gets happy. He says that he always just says box n disappears. Anita says dream again n ask about it. He saya i ll dream tomorrow lets sleep. They sleep. Angoori tells tiwari to apologize to her father again n he will forgive him. He shouts at her n says i wont apologize n goes n clashes with saxena n slaps him. Saxena tells angoori about some superstitious thing n says he has book in which there is a mantra by which they can get dead people’s

soul back. Vibhuti says dont fool angoori n says if it is so then he should get grandfather’s soul back n he’ll get 100 Rs/- as a reward. Saxena says i want shock n no money. Vibhuti agrees. Anita says to tiwari that u should apologize to angoori’s dad n he is old so its ok if he insults. He says ok. Vibhuti comes n says to anita that tonight grandfather’s soul will come n he has done all arrangement. She says u being so educated are saying this about soul n etc. He reminds her of 50 lacs. She saya ok lets try.

At night, vibhuti-anita n tiwari-angoori along with saxena sit for the mantra. Saxena says some mantra n it gets unsucessfull n anita says its rubbish n they all go to sleep. Saxena wonders why didnt the mantra work. All go n some ghost or someone says twinkle twinkle little star n laughs. While sleepin vibhuti wakes up hearing someone singing gumnaam h koi song n goes out n follows a girl in red saree n stops n pellu sees them n vibhuti n that girl keep on looking at each other. Anita wakes up n sees vivhuti not there n goes out n calls him n the girl disappears n she asks what are u doing here? He tells her but she says i think u have got the habit of walking in sleep n says we’ll go to doctor tomorrow. They go n from behind that girl goes. Pellu sees this n smiles. Angoori talks to her dad in morning n asks him to forget tiwari n pleads. He says ok for you i ll do this. At night, vibhuti again hears the same girl singing song n goes out n follows her. Pellu sees this. Anita calls tiwari n asks him to come as vivhuti has gone out again. Anita goes out n sees that lady n sees her getting disappeared n says oh my god

Precap:- Vibhuti-anita n tiwari-angoori along with saxena tell that lady to go. Saxena says ig u dont go i ll say such a mantra that u’ll go away. Tiwari is apologizing hmto dad n ghost goes in him n he shouts he wont apologize.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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