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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,saxena says hi to vibhuti and he asks saxena wat r u doing there and saxena says cant u see I m drying clothes and vibhuti asks but y u and saxena says tat anguri bhabhi is like my mom so I m helping her she is washing clothes and I m helping her to dry and then vibhuti says I don’t understand y u want to help her and saxena says tat I think u r feeling jealous and I don’t like people thinking bad about my mother and he leaves and then vibhuti thinks I don’t know y I m feeling guilty as saxena said all tat to meand then vibhutis phone rings its his friend prem and he asks him how is he and says tat he has become very rich wat does he do to earn and prem tells he invests in Mutual fund,shares vibhuti says tats nice lets meet some time and prem says tat I m going

to Singapore and vibhuti says then come to meet me nd prem agrees to give a visit and he hungs up and says I m so happy tat I have friends like this who understand me
Tiwari comes to meet anita and says hello and anita asks him how is he and tiwari says tat I m ok and then comes vibhuti and says to tiwari wat r u doing here and tiwari says tat oh u r also at home and says oh I forgot u r jobless vibhuti says tat I m jobless is ok but wat about u n ur shop and tiwari says tat tilu is at shop I don’t have to worry and then anita asks tiwari tat can I ask u one question and tiwari says ya sure and she asks him how much do u earn monthly and tiwari says around 2 to 2.5 and vibhuti laughs and says only 250 rs and anita says whatever vibhut he is saying its 2 to 2.5 lakhs and vibhuti says tats really nice but how does so many people buy this stuf and then vibhuti says anyway my friend prem chaudhari he earns 10 lakh rs he invests in mutual funds and shares he is going to come to meet me and he enters and vibhuti says he is my dear friend and his friend introduces himself as my name is prem chaudhari and then he says to vibhuti so u r still jobless so u r free always and then vibhuti says to tiwari tat u can leave u must be having work and he says no I m ok tilu is there to handle my shop and then vibhuti introduces anita to prem and prem says tat ur wife is so beautiful and anita says thnx and says I will bring tea for u and then prem says to vibhuti tat how did a jobless like u get such a beautiful wife and tiwari is laughing while vibhuti says to prem u went to see taj mahal and then prem says I have an business idea for u and then vibhuti again cuts him and says tat wow u r going to singapur so nice and prem says tat anyways I have to leave now and says by to tiwari too tiwari also leaves
Vibhuti then decides to do something this time and show everyone and he decides to invest in shares and then he goes to meet anguri and asks her to do one favor for him and asks her to pick a chit for him and whichever companys name come in that chit I will invest in it and anguri says tat I m not so lucky tiwari says like tat as once he started a stall of panipuri and I did the first pooja and the stall got closed in 2 months and vibhuti says u don’t know how lucky u r and then anguri picks up the chit and the companys name is Papu plastics and then vibhuti leaves
Vibhuti is seen at tea stall waiting for saxena to come with the business paper and saxena comes and he says tat I have to go for so long to bring this paper and vibhuti checks paper and sees tat the money he invested in papu plastics got nice rate he has earned 20,000 rs and he gets very happy and saxena then says tat let me tell u one thing tat u r happiness of earning money through shares will not last for long and vibhuti gets angry and slaps him and sazena says I like it
Vibhuti goes to anguri’s house to give her the good news he calls bhabhiji but she does not show up and tiwari comes and says tat even I m at home wat work do u have and vibhuti says y shuld I tell u I will tell to bhabhiji and she comes and vibhuti gives her sweets and says tat he got profit in the money he invested in shares and tiwari asks how did this happen and vibhuti says tat its all lady luck and then leaves tiwari thinks tat may be it is anita bhabhis luck and then anguri tries to tell tiwari tat do u know vibhuti was talking about which lady and then tiwari asks anguri to be quiet and says no need to use ur head in these things go cook food and she leaves and tiwari then decides to invest with the help of anitas luck
Vibhuti goes home with sweets and give it to anita and says tat he has invested in shares and he earned 20,000rs while anita says the business of shares is very risky and vibhuti says tat u need to take risks and anita says tat I have seen many people getting rich and also becoming beggars u should not take risks and vibhuti says I have earned so much money and u r not happy and anita then asks from where did u get money to invest and vibhuti says tat from whoever I have taken I will give back and tiwari listens to all this conversation and vibhuti leave getting upset and tiwari standing ther thinks tat if I asked anita bhabhi about which company to invest she would get angry I need to ask her in some different way tiwari enters and says hello to anita and she welcomes him and then Tiwari asks anita wat should I buy horse,cow or sheep and anita says u can buy anything in which u think u can get profit and tiwari insists her to pls tell as he has profit from all 3 and anita says tat its better if u buy sheep maintaining horse,cow will be a bit difficult but a sheep is small u can tie her in a corner and someday I will also come to play with her and tiwaris says how nice of u and anita says tat u wait I will bring tea for u and then tiwari says sheep means Bablu petro chemicals company I will invest in this company

Tiwaris angel is telling tiwari tat u r using anitas luck in wrong way and tiwari says wat wrong the company which she chosed is already in loss later anita is seen sleeping and vibhuti steals her necklace which is anitas favorite as it was given to her by her mother and vibhuti thinks tat I will mortgage this and invest tat money in shares and when I will get profit I will release this necklace from mortgage.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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