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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita in hall. She tells vibhu to make coffee quicker as she is getting bored now. Vibhu says yes he is making and he doesnt have 10 hands to do so many things at one time. Anita says ok bring fast anyways dont show as if you are doing a great job. Vibhu comss out and tells dont say that andi work a lot day and night and you have made me a labourer here. Anita says what? And says you dont even work so first look at yourself. Vibhu says i dont want to look at myself and you look at yourself and all you women in this world are like this torturing their husbands. Vibhu goes in to bring coffee. Anita gets her friend vinitas call. Anita says wow after so many days you called. Vinita is crying. Anita asks what happened and why are you crying. Anita gets to know that vinitas

husband vijay who was also anitas and vibhus classmate hits vinita and fights with her and gets drunk everyday. Anita tells her that vijay is such a bony person and you give him a flick and he will fall. Vinita tells what do i do? Anita tells i will see what to do. Vibhu who has come with coffee tells anita why do you interfere in others life? Anita says you shut up and you are a weakling and vinita is my friend and i have to help her.
There anita is standing out and talking to vinita. Tiwari comes. Tiwari says eho is anita taling like this in anger? Tiwari goes there. Anita is telling vinita to give her vijays phone number and she will see what to do and give him a lesson. She keeps the phone and tiwari asks what happened and should i help? Anita tells actually my friends husband troubles her a lpt and drinks and hits her. Tiwari says give me his number and i will teach him a lesson. Anita gives and tiwari talks to vijay and says you bony man i will hit you and come at my house and how dare you disturb woman? Vijay says oh and who told you i drink? Tiwari tells your wife and you comehere and i will teach you a lesson. Vijay says ok. Anita is impressed and tells wow you are brave and daring. Tiwari says yes whenever i see a woman troubled then the lion inside him awakes. He tells anita you stay free and i will see this guy.
At home tiwari is there. He tells tilu to bring the breakfast quickly. Tilu says yes bringing and keeps plate there. Tiwari says good you made breakfast for the first time. Tilu tells i made what a poor guy eats. Tiwari opens the plate kept and sees the breakfast, its just a roti onions and salt water. Tiwari is angry and tells what is this? Tilu says it breakfast of a poor. Tiwari shut up and take this in and make something good. Tilu says you are disrespecting food. Tiwari says shut up and go and bring the samosas i brought yesterday and they are in the fridge. Tilu saysi ate it today morning. Tiwari is angry. The bellr rings. Tilu opens door. Its vijay and vijay says where is manmohan? He goes and meets tiwari and tells i am vijay vinitas husband. Vijay is fat and fit. Tiwari says you were bony right? Vijay tells yes but my weight has increased now. Tiwari tells so you came here. Vijay tells yes to show i am a man. Tiwari says oh. Vijay then slaps tiwari and then takes him in kutchen and bashes hi. Tilu laughs and tiwari scream for help but tilu does not go. Then vijay comes out and says thank you and tilu laughs and says come i will escort you out. Vijay goes. Tiwari is in pain.
At home tiwari goes to anita and tells her everything that happened and he got bashed. Vibhu comes laughing and tells who told you to interfere? Tiwari says you shut up. Anita tells vibhu to shut up and go and work. Vibhu goes and works. Anita tells that what to do? Tiwari tells actually i thought about you and your friend so i did not beat him or else i would have. Tiwari says if he comes next time i will beat him up. Anita says ok you call him and this time dont care about me and vinita and you beat him. Tiwari think what did i do and she is keen on getting me beaten. Tiwari says no leave it tell him its ok and i forgive him. Anita says no now this is a big matter and i will tell him to come.

Precap: vinita is sleeping on vibhu in the hall. Anita and tiwari see this. Tiwari tells anita see what vibhu is doing.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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