Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,people run behind vibhuti to hit him and he runs away and manmohan is seen crying at his place and remembering anguri and is saying tat he has not ate anything yet and if u were here u must have given me food everything here around is missing u and he sits on sofa crying and sleeps there anguri is thinking what must be manmohan doing at home without her and comes amaji and asks anguri that y is she so worried and says tat she understood and then gives her permission to go home in evening and angurigets happy.
Later vibhuti is dreaming tat he is sleeping and when he turns and sees tat anguri is sleeping beside him he is dreaming and anita sees him and he asks him to go and help tiwari to find anguri and also check with the police hapu singh and he goes

then sees tat some one is at door he sees anguri and goes and hugs her and starts kissing and when he opens his eyes its vibhuti and vibhuti warns him wat is he doing and tells manmohan tat they should go and find anguri and now they should go and meet the police hapu singh and manmohan gets a cal fromm the police and he tells tat they have found the guilty goons and have also found anguri and will bring to their house and vibhuti and manmohan gets very happy and then anita ,vibhuti and manmohan are sitting in manmohans house waiting for the police
Police arrives with the lady manmohan hugs her considering her as anguri and when they see her face they tell the police tat she is not anguri and then police tell tat she is the lady they have rescued from the goons and then anita see anguri at the entrance and manmohan goes to her and hugs her and he asks anguri where was she and she tells tat she was angry with u so she went to amajis house and then they all think who is this lady and then comes in panditji and tells the police tat his wife has been lost and then the police shows him the face of the lady and he says right she is my wife and anita asks when did u get married and pandit tells tat just yesterday we did court marriage and vibhuti says see a pandit did court marriage
Next day vibhuti is sitting in his garden and anita comes and tells him tat there is no water at home not even to drink and she needs water to take a bath and vibhuti says tat from where will he bring and she then asks him to contact his relative here in town and vibhuti says he cant manage it and anita says which family has she been married and then throws a towel at him and goes inside and then anguri gives manmohan breakfast in a paper plate and he asks y in this plate and anguri tells tat today there is not water as some pipe has been burst in our area so we wont get water today and so she has not washed the utencils and then tells him tat she had two buckets water one she watered to plants and now ee have one and that is for laddu and manmohan asks wat about me and angur says tat wen do u take bathand manmohan says I do take and then phone rings and manmohan picks up and its anita on phone she asks him if he can help her get one bucket of water and manmohan says tat he will get it for her and she thanks and hungs up
Laddu comes and anguri sents him to go and take bath he leaves and then manmohan runs behind him and convinces him not to take bath and let him use the water he wants to take bath even ladu asks him when do u take bath and manmohan asks him to shut up and says tat there is no alia bhat coming to teach u in school tat u want to take bath and ladu also says tat even hrithik roshan is not coming at ur shop to buy undergarments tat u wanna take batah and anguri comes listening to their argument nd then manmohan asks him to tell ladu tat he require the water to take bath and then anguri tells ladu tat u should not talk like this to ur elder brother and then ladu says tat ok I m ready to give water to him as u ask me to give and he leaves and manmohan gets happy and goes in bathroom and he then decides now to go and give this water to anita and sees tat anguri is just sitting outside and asks her tat y is she sitting here and anguri says to manmohan tat it would be very nice if he gives her a half bucket water so tat she could take bath and do pooja and manmohan goes inside bathroom and he plays a trick he pushes and empty bucket and shouts and anguri asks if he is ok and he tell tat he is ok but due to this half bucket water fel down anguri says wat u did and then manmohan asks her to go to panditi and asks him when will water come and she then leaves
Anguri is coming back from panditjis house and she meets vibhuti and tells him tat there is a problem tat there is no water at home and vibhuti says if she wants he can bring water for her and then vibhuti says tat he can bring tanker for her and she then aks him to please bring the tanker
manmohan comes out he sees ladu sitting there and asks him tat y is he sitting here doesn’t he has school to go and ladu then says tat today he is not going to school as his teacher wont teach the students who don’t take bath and manmohan says tat y u have to tell ur teacher tat u have not taken bath and ladu says tat I don’t lie and now being a big brother u r teaching me to lie and asks him tat y is he out don’t he want to take bath and then manmohan goes inn.

Manmohan asks anguri wat happened about water and she says tat we will get water and he asks how then she tells vibhuti is arranging a tanker and he then calls vibhuti tat how come u r bringing water and vibhuti says tat y don’t u go and bring then and then anguri is seen talking to manmohan saying that he is so nice that he didi so much for him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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