Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari all dressed with a gift goes to Vibhutis house, which is all decorated for Anita’s party, he calls bhabhiji, Anita comes down, Tiwari doesn’t move his eye seeing gorgeous Anita,Tiwari says very happy bday bhabhiji, I pray ur smile gets wider n wider,Anita says how nice of u,I hope every person gets a neighbour like u,n where is anguri,Tiwari says she is getting ready n did u like the arrangements,Anita says I loved the decorations n the one who did it loves me a lot,Tiwari says undoubtedly,Anita says n Vibhuti is the only one who loves me this much,Tiwari says nice but Vibhuti didn’t do it, Anita says yes no one else can do it other than Vibhu, just feel his love n leaves,Tiwari thinks I will tell her that it’s me n not Vibhuti.anita says my party is going

to be a rocking one.

Vibhuti goes to anguris house, she says what are u doing here,Vibhuti says I just came to check whether u are ready, anguri says no an hour more but Tiwari gone to ur place,Vibhuti says ok I’m waiting for u get ready soon. Tika n malka all dressed for party,malka asks how am I looking in suit,Tika says all right,tell me how m I looking,malka says u looking like a chimpanzee in suit, Tika says come lets have fun in party,few men come n start hitting them. Vibhutinhears the argument noise n checks out n sees people throwing stones at everyone’s house n creating mess, Vibhuti says oh no what’s this let me check news.

News says curfew has been active so stay in ur houses,Vibhuti starts laughing n says this means I can’t go home n so me n bhabhiji wow,now I can spend quality time with bhabhiji,anguri gets ready n comes down n calls Vibhuti,Vibhuti looks at her n sings sing for her n imagines anguri dancing for him,anguri shooks him n says I’m all ready come lets go to the party,Vibhuti says wow but we can’t go,bcoz its curfew in town,anguri says now what will we do,Vibhuti says lets party here,anguri says how will we,Vibhuti says u wanted to dance I will support u here.

Tiwari looking at Anita,Anita listening to songs n waiting for her guests to arrive, Tiwari imagines Anita say Tiwari u love me a lot, I know u have made these arrangements , u have financed everything even the cake,Tiwari says but I asked Vibhuti not to tell u,Anita says yes but I know now,n wow u love me so much,Tiwari says yes I love u a lot,Anita says I love u too, Tiwari gets emotional n says yes I love u,his phone rings n he sees no one near him n says God it was a dream n revives call,tilu tells him abt curfew n he is hiding in shop.

Tiwari says wow I’m at bhabhijis house now I will spend a quality time with her,tilu calls Tiwari again n says those men hit me first n stole 10000 from our shop,Tiwari says oh no I’m robbed,Anita asks what happened why are u crying,Tiwari says it’s curfew in town n I’m robbed,Anita says let me call Vibhu n calls him. Vibhuti says anguri bhabhi lets have a stress selfie u look so stressed,Vibhuti abt to click picture Anita calls him, Vibhuti says me with ur cake came to receive Tiwari n bhabhiji n when abt to leave i saw the curfew news n got stuck at tiwaris house.

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