Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Anguri clears confusion that it’s kadha and not blood.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Commissioner and Anita follows Anguri,in Pelus auto. Vibhuti and Tiwari,with harmonium and tabla leave for crematory. Anita says this is the place anguriji comes and has blood,he says I never even dreamt that such innocent lady could be Dracula,commissioner starts dancing and says oh no rat in my pants,and even Anita starts dancing,Happu sees them and says who is this agin their,commissioner says the rat left thank god,Happu sees them and asks what are you two doing here,commissioner says what are you asking,Happu says first Vibhu, he is your husband but then Pelu then commissioner, what is the meaning,commissioner says it’s that you are a fool,Anita says let me tell him the truth and tells him.

Anguri comes prays and has blood,Happu says what Anguri bhabhiji is Dracula,Anita

says look she is having blood.anita says anguriji stop,Anguri says what are you three doing here,Happu asks first tell us what are you doing here,Anguri says just scrolling around,Anita says don’t hide we know the truth,Anguri asks what is it,commissioner says that you are Dracula,she asks what is it,Happu says one who drinks blood,Anguri says but I don’t have blood,it’s a kadha, I have a blood deficiency, and use to feel giddy and so Amaji sends me this kadha,commissioner asks why here and so late,Anguri says because Panditji ramphal asked me to do so,Anita says so sorry it was a big misunderstanding.

It’s raining,Tiwari and Vibhu take their seats,Tiwari says cmon begin,Vibhu as let me think,a man comes crying for his wife Elizabeth,Vibhu looks at him and begins the ghazal,tony walks to them and the man runs away scared,Vibhu says good evening,tony says wow your ghazal was so nice, I loved it,Vibhu says thanyounjust cure bhabhiji,tony says it’s so damn easy,Tiwari says then cure here,she is having blood after blood and look at you,tony says don’t you have manners is this the tone you talk to souls,Vibhu says I’m sorry on his behalf,tony asks where’s sugarcanes,Tiwari says look the tempo is behind you,Tiwari asks what do you do with so many sugarcanes,tony says let me kill you and then you will know what we souls do with sugar canes,Tiwari says no no,Vibhu says promise you will cure bhabhiji after next truck,tony says pinky promise.

Vibhu says let’s have a cup of coffee,Tiwari says sure,both enter room and see everyone,Vibhu and Tiwari beg commissioner and ask him to leave Anguri,commissioner says leave me,Vibhu says don’t arrest her she is so innocent,Anita says clam down it’s just a misunderstanding she isn’t a Dracula,Anguri says I had blood deficiency and so Amaji made me this kadha and Panditji asked me to do so.twiari says this Pandit ramphal i won’t leave him, Happu says who are you supplying this sugar cane too,Vibhu says to soul of tony brigainza,commissioner says now you will give him sugarcanes again.

Tikka and malkhan at tea stall tried and having body ache,malkhan says this is all because of you,Tilu walks to them and asks what is wrong and look what i got you,and shows them alcohol bottle,tikka says Tilu show me this bottle,and takes a look and throws it away.

Tiwari and Vibhu perform ghazal, tony walks to them and praises again,and did you get sugarcanes,Vibhu says yes a tempo full,please come and takes him to tempo,Anita Anguri and Happu in tempo,Happu points gun at him,tony says how dare you trouble a dead man,Anita slaps him and says you cheat,Happu says now police will handle him,tell me who all are with you,tony says I have a tantrik friend too,who sends people to me,Happu says now come with me,we shall catch him too,and takes him away,Anguri says vibhutiji it’s so good whether please one more ghazal,Vibhuti says sure and sings for them.anita hugs Vibhu and Anguri hugs Tiwari.

Vibhu walks to Anita in bedroom and says you are still behind Dracula,Anita says it’s my phd subject.vibhu purposely scares Anita,they watch news,about tony briganiza and also about blood bank robbery, Happu Singh announces his promotion,Vibhu says you said Dracula stole blood,Anita says what man,I read so many books but there is no Dracula,Vibhu says I told you already, Anita says so okay I should take other topic,Vibhu says exactly,Anita says in one condition,Vibhu says agreed,Anita says come to me as Dracula and suck my blood.vibhu says okay, Anita says use pencils for the big teeth you will look good.

Pre cap : Tiwari asks where are you going,Anita says America,Tiwari starts crying,Anita says I can do nothing, Vibhu isn’t working here,Anita forces Vibhu in cab,Anguri says please stop,Anita says sorry,Tiwari says if you don’t stop you will have to drive over me,Anita says okay driver drive over him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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