Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu coming home with saxena. He tells that call anguri. Anguri comes down after saxena calls her. Vibhu says how are you anguri? Anguri says she is fine and asks him how he is? Vibhu says he is In stardom and that has become his life now, anguri says what do u mean by that? Saxena says it means jobless, vibhu slaps him and says it means I am busy. Tiwari is outside the house, he calls saxena and tells that there Is an open wire of 440 volts at the junction and go now, saxena says okay and tells vibhu that he needs shock so I am going, saxena goes. Tiwari comes in, he tells vibhu that what are you doing? Vibhu says talking to anguri, Tiwari says go in the market and sunny is shooting there and what are you dong here? Vibhu says okay and Tiwari gives him burkha and

tells people will cover you so go wearing this, vibhu says okay and goes. Tiwari calls tika and malkhan and tells them vibhu has gone and go catch him. Tilu comes in disguised as a murderer, he says I have been sent by tilu and I have done 17 murders and I will not leave you, tiwari runs out and says what do I do and that man wont leave me, Tiwari sees out a burkha and wears it and runs. Tika and malkhan there say lets go and catch vibhu. Tiwari wears burkha and runs, from behind tilu comes, he sees woman who is Tiwari and tells did u see a man running, Tiwari says in womans voice and tells no and go away you thief, he slaps him, tilu goes. From behind tika and malkhan come and kidnap Tiwari. Vibhu from behind comes in burkha and goes walking and says this is stardom.
There Tiwari says its me and slaps tika and malkhan,he tells you failed the mission. Tika malkhan say how would they know who it is, Tiwari says okay and do the mission again, tika malkhan ask for more money, Tiwari slaps them and says go and do it and you call yourself professional kidnappers, he goes.
There on street vibhu sees Tiwari outside their house, he says what did u say and sunny was not shooting anywhere and why did u lie? Tiwari tells someone told him that news, vibhu says he has been roaming everywhere and she was not there and why are you too in burkha? Tiwari says he wears it sometimes, vibhu says next time if u give me wrong news then I will teach you a lesson, vibhu goes. Tiwari goes.
At home vibhu goes, anita thinks he was supposed to be kidnapped, she asks vibhu what is he doing in burkha, vibhu tells if he goes like this then his fans may cover him and something would happen to him as he is an international star now, anita says you will be kidnapped. Vibhu says its rubbish and no one will dare to do that. Vibhu goes upstairs. Anita says Tiwari failed everything, she calls him, Tiwari says he was sorry and this time his plan will work, anita says it better work and she keeps the phone.
There sunny leone is dancing with vibhu in the kitchen on a song saiyaan superstar and vibhu is too, they are dancing romantically. Suddenly anita gets up and in dream even hits vibhu. Vibhu says what are you doing? Anita gets up and says she saw a dream a real bad one, vibhu says what? Anita says he was dancing with sunny romantically. Vibhu says that’s good and he has to do such things with actresses as he is a star. Anita says that wont happen, vibhu says this generation is forward and forget it. Anita says you are my husband.
Anguri at home is making handkerchief for vibhu. Tiwari comes and says that anguri make food for me I am hungry. Anguri says I have made it is in kitchen and take it. Tiwari says give it from your hands, anguri says I am working. Anguri says I am making handkerchief for vibhu superstar, Tiwari says shut up and don’t do that and he is not a superstar and no film has released. Anguri says it will and he is working with sunny leone. Tiwari says he has not yet done anything and shut up.
Next day anita comes out of house in morning, reporter comes with camera, he asks anita for interview. He asks anita that vibhu said you are his friend but you are his wife. Reporter says that tell who you are? Anita says ask him and let me go. Reporter says that I have heard you are his wife and vibhu doesn’t reveal that and that you make him work, wash utensils clothes and everything and why so? Anita goes for jogging away. There yadrams song takes photo with vibhu, vibhu asks saxena so what do u know about the old times, saxena says I know a jobless useless man sitting here without work. Vibhu slaps him. As vibhu takes photos with fans, Tiwari comes and tells saxena that an open wire is there and go and take shocks, saxena says I like it.

Precap: vibhu gets sunny’s call. He talks with her about shooting. There Tiwari later tells tika and malkhan that vibhu has gone wearing burkha and kidnap him. After the kidnap Tiwari is outside his house when vibhu comes in burkha, Tiwari is shocked to see him and realizes someone else was kidnapped.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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