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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita watching mahabharat n she sees the scene where draupadi is being sold out for gambling. She gets angry seeing it n switches off TV. She talks to herself that how can men be so cheap to gamble their wives in the game. Tiwari comes n asks who did this? Did vibhuti gamble her in the game? She says no n says she was watching the scene from mahabharat n says she hates such men who torture women n gamble them in games. He says even he doesnt like such people. He says he also loves a women. She says she wants to know whom he loves rather she knows it. He wanted to take anita’s name but he says angoori. Tiwari asks if vibhuti plays gambling. She then says she is lucky that vibhuti is not like other men n he doesnt play gambling. Then she says that once he just

said that its diwali so he wants to play gambling but she dint let him touch cards. Tiwari thinks that oil is there in the lantern n he justs need to light the matchstick.

Tiwari goes to tea stall n sees malkha n saxena playing cards. Saxena looses the game n gets happy. Tiwari says that they should be ashamed that they are playing cards. Saxena says that see who is speaking, he says to tiwari that happu singh had caught him playing cards n he was in jail n he is telling them. Tiwari says that by mistake he was caught. Tiwari then says that at night they will play gambling n he will get a party.

Anita is talking to her friend n congratulates her for her husband’s job. Her friend asks about vibhuti’s job so she says that he doesnt try for jobs n just sits at home. Vibhuti hears this n anita tells her friend that she will talk to her later. Vibhuti says why did she keep the phone she should have said more bad about him. She says that what wrong did she say. He sits jobless only at home n he has not done some big work that she should appreciate him. He says he married her thats a big thing. She says that also she ran away from her father n brother n married him. He says he got beaten up from her brother n dad what about that. She says so what. He says now should i get my head cut from them. She says her father just wants that he has a job he doesnt want his head. She gets n goes. He says do u mean i am good for nothing. She says yess she means that only. He goes out from the house upset that how should he earn n get a job.

Tiwari comes n says the easiest way to earn is to gamble n he should gamble. Vibhuti says that he is a sophisticated person n doesnt do all this gambling n all. Tiwari says at night at the tea stall we are going to play so come.

It’s night, tiwari wakes up n tries to go. Angoori asks where is he going so late at night. Tiwari says a client is going to meet him as he was not free whole day. She says that ammaji says that at night the work that we do doesnt get good. He shouts at her to sleep as he is not going to any ladies. Tiwari, tika, malkha and saxena are playing. Malkha asks where is the party. Tiwari says he ll come. Vibhuti comes n tiwari asks him to sit. Vibhuti says he dint come to play, he ate lots of food so came to walk n saw them here so he came here n he dint get money also. Tiwari says that lets play gambling n he can use his money. Malkha asks which game he wants to play. Vibhuti says that he will play teen patti. They start playing. Tiwari winks tika n malkha n they say pack n dont add money. Tiwari also says pack n doesnt add money. Tiwari says now only vibhuti n saxena have to play. They both keep on bidding n then show their cards n saxena looses n gets happy n vibhuti wins n gets happy that for the first time he has seen so much money n he is very happy. He thanks tiwari to show him this shortcut way of earning money n hugs him. Tiwari asks him to give his money n keep the rest of the money he won. Vibhuti gives it n gets happy. The screen freezes on tiwari n vibhuti’s faces.

Precap:- Tiwari bids for 1 lac 20000. Vibhuti says he doesnt have money now but he bids for 3 lac 20000 n keeps himself gambles. Tiwari shows his cards n he wins. He tells vibhuti that he lost so now he is his work

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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