Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update Putans wedding.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Putan asks Angoori to talk to Tiwari and give him 25 lakh, Angoori says no i wont last time i did and you misused it, Putan says i was kid then,Angoori says you should start working now,Putan says i can’t do anything, Angoori says you good at sales,so i will talk to daddy and you open a fruit stall, my friends husband does this business is doing very well,putan says thats his wife good luck same as jijaji has yiu as his lucky charm and so even you find me a girl and i will marry, Angoori says good idea.

Pelu plays a song,Anu writing,Vibhu gets romantic, Anu ignores him, Anu says stop it, im trying to write and story is on a seriohs mode, vibhu says it can wait, Anu says look you are discouraging me now,vibhu says you have a husband and give him some attention too, take break

relax, you will have dark circles,Anu says it makes a writer look more serious, Vibhu goes to bed.

Angoori giving putan head massage, putan says i missed you so much in jail whenever i had an headache in jail, Angoori says now you are here, Tiwari walks in, and says can i rest a bit, Angoori says yes go to sleep who stopped you,putan asks where were you fooling, Tiwari says i was working unlike you who steals, putan says look he is insulting me i better go,Angoori says no no and scolds tiwari.Putan leaves. Angoori says why do you do that to him, Tiwari says forget him give me head massage Angoori says im tired and goes to sleep.

Putan watering plants and says this will make didi happy, Vibhu sees him and says oh why did i see him and asks where is bhabhi and why are you watering,you are a criminal if you water they shall die, vibhu gets abusive,putan calls Angoori, Angoori scolds Vibhuti, putan tells her what all he said,angoori says dare you do that to him im not talking to you, and putan come lets have breakfast and you get lost.

Hapu at Gulfamkali bar, she walks to him with food cooked by her and says you have to finish it, hapu eats it and thinks god it’s full of salt and spice and acts as fake call and leaves.

Putan asks Tiwari when will pandit come with girls,and how many he has, Tiwari says can you be a liitle decent, Vibhu and pandit walk in,vibhu greets angoori she doesnt answer him,putan says shameless person dont you know she doenst want to talk to you, Angoori asks did you find girls pandit, Putan and Angoori take a look at pictures, putan likes a girl, and says this one is final, pandit says not possible, she is my wife by mistake her picture came here, Angoori says okay get more pictures.

Gulfamkali playing woth a toddler, Teeka malkan tilu walk in and are shocked, and ask what is this, Gulfamkali says practising for my future,boys say oh thank God we thought it’s your baby,she says soon,boys say we are herw for you with teekas proposal, she asks why arent you two eligible,tilu says we are, but we had a lucky draw and he won, Gulfamkali asks so whats special about him,tilu says everything he is so good by heart, he will do all the hosuehold,she says i want husband not maid and leaves.

Pre cap Putan asks Tiwari and Vibhuti for help and ask them to find a girl for him. Putan meets Gulfamkali.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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